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112mph max?


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If you buy a c5 corvette you won't have that problem. I backed off at 145, with the top down, and I didn't get any limiter message. ;)


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The car is available with tires that are only rated to 115 mph as I recall. So speeds over that level are not safe.


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Do a site search for "speed chips" and I think you'll find that newer Caddy models can not be simply re-fitted with a special chip, per se. Its a bit more difficult and no one has offered a cost effective "cure".

And again, there is the liability issue for the first one that does....

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145mph ehh....be careful. The current nationwide high speed deployment with recorded data is like 142 mph. And it was a Corvette racing a Mercedes. Problem is...the Corvette cut a Jeep in two.

4 dead in the Jeep. Corvette driver survived.




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There was a lot of discussion about this sometime back and I recall several posts saying that 95 including some of the 94 sts on up had limiters. The practical side of me says it's a good idea for many obvious reasons and the little boy inside me says "booooo". Personally speaking, cruising at 115 or even 135 mph isn't half the fun as achieving that speed in minimal time.



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