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  1. Went out to start the car. It was stone dead. Not even any dash lights would work. I put the battery charger on and it pulled a full 15 amps of charge. After 15 minutes, the car started and ran fine. Display showed 14 volts of battery when engine was running. I drove it around for a while. Shut it off. Next morning, stone dead again. Talked to the dealer who said the battery probably has developed a bad cell. I bought and installed a new battery. Car started and ran fine. The next morning, stone dead again. I put the charger on all afternoon (4 hours). It pulled a full 15 amps the whole time. Took the charger off, started the car and drove it for 1/2 hour. Next morning the car was fine. Display shows 12.9 volts before the car starts, and 14 when it is running. So, did I have a strange electrical problem that has gone away, is my new battery bad (some are), or did it just not have enough charge in it when I installed it? What do you guys think? BTW: My old battery is original 1998 - 7 years old and worked very good until the 'sudden death' syndrome...
  2. don280z

    How To Get Under The Seat??

    BTW: If you need to jump start your car (battery under rear seat), there are some 'lugs' (or posts) under the hood designed for jump starting.... This is easier (and less embarasing) than having to pull your back seat out in public to get a jump start...
  3. don280z

    Hot Start Problem

    I replaced my starter (in my '92 Seville) with a rebuilt one and experienced the same problems you are having...Whe the engine was hot, the starter would barely turn over... It turns out, the starter was a bad rebuild and I had to replace it (again). The second one worked perfectly....
  4. don280z


    Have you checked the EGR valve? That was bad on my '98 and it would stall when coasting to a stop....
  5. My front wheels have developed a shimmy when braking from high speeds (50+mph). It feels like the rotors are warped. At slow speeds (0-30mph) it is OK. Also, it does not seem to shake until the car has been driven for a few minutes - possibly because the brakes/rotors are still cold? Can the rotors warp when they get hot, and straighten back out when they cool down??? Thanks...
  6. don280z

    Audible front end "clunk"

    I had a similiar problem with my '92 Seville... The front stabilizer-bar bushings were bad (but looked good). The car would make a knocking sound at slow speeds (10-20mph). Every little hump in the street would yield a 'knock'. Steering from side to side would also cause it to knock. I diagnosed it by sticking a wooden shim between the bar and the crossmember. The sound was immediatly gone. It was a cheap fix. The bushings are only about $10 each.....
  7. I went from a '92 to a '98. '98 has less legroom in the front & rear. '98 has nicer interior and runs quieter. '92 transmission seemed to work better. '98 gets better gas mileage and has more engine response. '92 had main bearing knock at 130,000 miles...don't know about the '98 yet. Hopefully that has been eliminated. '92 has a better body. '98 has problems with body trim coming loose below the doors and thr drivers side window rubber keeps getting pinched when the window is rolled up. These are just a few things I have noticed....
  8. don280z

    Bad Gas

    When I burn premium in my '98 Seville I can see an instant 2-3 MPG increase on the 'inst mpg' readout on the dash and the 'miles per tank' computes to approx 50 miles more than when I run standard octane gas. Based on these findings, Premium doesn't seem to cost any more than regular gasoline in the long run.
  9. don280z

    Service Ride Control Message

    On my '92 Seville, "Service Ride Control" meant that one of the electronically controlled struts had failed. (It was the front-right). By all means, post any error codes you have. I used to have a shop manual that explained the codes. I no longer have it but I am sure there are lots of people here that do...
  10. don280z

    fuel rail recall

    My Father-in-law just got his replaced on his SLS... He dropped the car off at the dealer, and picked it up an hour later.. It must be an easy replacement.... He didn't know what they did, but we figured it wasn't the whole fuel rail...That would take a few hours...
  11. don280z

    What kind of battery to buy?

    I have a '98 Seville which I recently purchased and do not know any history about it. With winter coming on, I don't want to get stuck with a weak/dead battery. How do I know if this car still has the original battery, of if it has been replaced? If it is original, it would now be going on 8 years - I have been told that since the battery is under the back seat, it is in a more favorable atmosphere than under the hood (next to the hot engine) and therefore lasts twice as long.... The dealer said if I bring it in, they can look at the battery markings which would tell them if it is the original or not....Does anybody know what I should look for if I do it myself? I hate to run to the dealer just so they can look at it...(it's such a hassle)...
  12. don280z

    Brake Light Replacement we go again.......
  13. don280z

    Brake lights

    Umm....... what about the light bar? or did I accidently click another link???
  14. don280z

    tail lights fogged up!
  15. don280z

    Off Topic...Kind Of

    I think you now have a new 'cleaning rag'....