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  1. One more thing. I've been treating the underbody of the current ride with Crown oil treatment. Makes a big difference where I am.
  2. Hello and it's been quite some time, hasn't it? A question came up regarding the XT5 that my folks own and I remembered this caddyinfo site. Made a quick visit and decided to see if my old login still worked. Regarding the 94 ETC, it was actually a 94 STS. Everything else is accurate. Sold it as a daily driver to a very happy customer. To this day I still miss that caddy. The honda pilot I bought after is gone as well. The upper rear shock mount rusted away, making for a rollercoaster ride on the highway lol. After a divorce that left me in a different financial position, I decided on a blk on blk subaru crosstrek limited (every bell and whistle available). It's nowhere near a caddy, but I like it. I realize that this thread is a few years old. Hopefully some of the posters are still around. Thanks for reading.
  3. yo Mikey! hahaaa. Been awhile, eh?

  4. Thanks for the link BodyByFisher. Good hearing from you. It's been far too long since we talked. To keep things short and yet informative I'll start by saying that I completely agree with the 2 posts by MadeInAmerica. When I had the 94 STS I ran 4 very aggressive and cheap Cooper snow tires during the winters. The saying goes: The cheapest snow tires will outperform the best all season tires. And I can attest to that first hand. I've made the stretch from Syracuse through Pulaski enough times, during the winter, to know what matters. I should note that traction control, in my opinion, during the era of 1994 wasn't as terrific in the snow as some would like to believe. In fact, I think it was fairly poor in inclement conditions and could be instrumental in initiating an accident. Unless the roads were clear, I would always disable TC (traction control). With TC disabled and 4 snow tires, I could go just about anywhere. The newer versions of TC and or stabilitrac are light years better. For what it's worth....
  5. Come on now. I know it was Bruce just trying to get more member activity on the board. Of course I'm kidding. It was just a matter of time before something like this happened. I'm surprised it wasn't sooner. Because of the dynamics of the board security, BBF and Bruce should see many attempts at hijacking their login and pw. One of the best ways I can think of is the low tech approach. Hijack a friendly member account and send a file or link to the mother ship (that would be Bruce or BBF). Many high tech securities are breeched via low tech approaches. This PM from mignulik was pretty obvious but curiosity will sometimes get even the most diligent. Hope all is well.
  6. I replaced both end links thinking the same thing with ACDelco, which now have grease fittings. I think something is going on with the struts and/or strut mounts. My OEM salvage yard axle arrived today so I can replace the one on the right. But I think, however, that I will first go after the strut mounts. When I look at the strut mount nuts, I see that the prior owner must have worked on the struts and/or mounts because the nuts are not the originals. Maybe he replaced the mounts with poor quality aftermarket and now they again have to be replaced?! How old are the end links? Didn't know you could get them with grease fittings since the joints are so small. Assuming the fittings, when was the last time you pushed grease into them? Did they ever run dry? Once a wear spot is formed no amount of grease would prevent them from banging, given the dynamics of the end link and the load they support. Another thought I have is the strut mount bearing plate. If it has seized up then it would cause the spring to load up and release. This would cause an audible popping sound. Easy way to tell if it is a seized bearing plate is to take the car, somewhat, aggressively on on and off ramps. Assuming that the ramps are the turn style and not straight, you should notice a sensation where the two front tires seem to be fighting each other. One more possibility that could be a contributor and or cause to the problem is the strut bar bushing. It's impossible to tell if the bushing has broken down until you remove it. If you are very very lucky (doubtful) you'll have some rust flakes push pass to the outer end of the bushing, indicating a metal to metal contact. If it is the strut bar bushing then you would get a popping sound yet not notice any abnormal wear or driving issues, just the sound. However, if you're attuned to your car you may notice a floating sensation at high sustained speeds. Good luck.
  7. This seems to sound like an end link problem. A worn one would bang around certain turns, take offs, and uneven surfaces.
  8. Terrific landing. I just wish that other heroes like firemen, policemen, doctors, fire jumpers, aid workers, etc., received as much air time or proportionate. What I've been hearing and reading about landing options confirms what Larry said. The Hudson was the only reasonable option. And if you'll recall, it was just over 20 degrees and winds were calm. It was late in the day when the weather kicked up. I find it interesting that every news source chose to do live feeds during the following days. I guess the relatively calm weather on the day of the accident didn't provide enough drama for the media. !Anyway, it was still a fantastic landing. Sully has nerves of steel obviously.
  9. I'll definitely add Seven Pounds to my Netflix Queue when it's out on DVD. Gran Torino as well. Eastwood is one of my favorites. Prior to meeting my wife, 5 years ago, I used to go out to dinner 3 to 5 times a week, alone. Most of the time I would go to my favorite Japanese/Korean restaurant. Over the years I've grown to know the owners and employees. I've never experienced a meal without the owners or wait staff coming over and chatting at length. I'm a personable friendly guy and I try to engage conversation when I'm alone in any restaurant. I usually ask for the same person at each establishment so I can get to know them and they me. Often some of the other wait staff will come over and join in in the conversation because I've been "deemed" as safe. I always get top notch service and good interesting conversation. Of course, it helps to tip well too. I enjoy being married but I do miss those certain times of being single. I guess I'll just have to live vicariously through BBF. =)
  10. While all the auto companies are struggling, it's "nice" to know that some people affiliated with the industry are doing just fine. Wouldn't surprise me, in the future, to hear that these two were found face down somewhere. http://www.clickondetroit.com/video/15908257/index.html
  11. I use stick lubricant (contains silicone) and run a heavy bead around the door seal. Beeswax works well too. Comes in a jar and just apply with finger. After closing the door, I usually apply a bead to the top of the door crack where it meets the roof line. You'll be glad you did if you're expecting a lot of freezing rain. You might think you're making a mess but both products wear off after a couple days, especially if it's cold, and no harm to seal or finish. Given that Regis, lives in the lake affect snow capital of the world, this is valuable information, In 1989, I appraised a mall in Syracuse, and they told me that in a typical winter they get +100 inches of snow, so that roofs are built to withstand the weight. That said, I think the Syracuse Carrier Dome collapsed, Regis can you verify that? I almost forgot about that. Yes the dome did collapse under the weight of excessive snow. Pulaski (about 45 minutes north of Syracuse) is the lake effect capital. Here's a good example of the amount of snow they get. Last year they had 9 ft of snow in less than a week. Then before the week was over they had 3 more feet during the over night.
  12. I use stick lubricant (contains silicone) and run a heavy bead around the door seal. Beeswax works well too. Comes in a jar and just apply with finger. After closing the door, I usually apply a bead to the top of the door crack where it meets the roof line. You'll be glad you did if you're expecting a lot of freezing rain. You might think you're making a mess but both products wear off after a couple days, especially if it's cold, and no harm to seal or finish.
  13. Peter Schiff is indeed a smart man. He has a keen awareness of current trends (as well as historical ones), effects of inputs and outputs, and an eye for the raw and emotionless truth. He is one of the reasons I voted for Ron Paul (Schiff was Paul's financial advisor). However, it should be noted that Peter Schiff wasn't alone when he made his financial projections and predictions. Many, not so famous, financial experts echoed Schiff's beliefs. My father, who bought and sold money at high volumes (for lack of a better description), and some of his close business associates voiced much concern back in 95 when the Government passed certain measures that were clearly against smart and sound business practices. They dropped the plan to charter a bank...... and the rest is proven history.
  14. Personally, I think GM, Ford, and Chrysler should go chapter 11 asap and kill off the UAW. This whole notion that doing so would add some 2 million to the unemployed is hog wash (although it's a nice attempt at a spin). Go chapter 11, kill off the UAW, kill off the entitlements and pensions then...... reorganize, rehire many of the workers at reasonable pay, and have the Government use the bail out money to subsidize the lost pensions of the retired workers. Any new workers looking to retire do not get a pension.
  15. No more lunch boxes for me. A little extra size, weight, and steel go a long way. 5 Star crash ratings only matter if you plan on hitting a vehicle of similar size and weight. Let's hear it for the 5 Star rating then, yippy! Now if you plan on taking on a Hummer with it's, battered in the media, 4 Star rating then you might as well take away 4 Stars if not all 5. Few vehicles can match the sheer size and mass of the Hummer so 4 Stars is fairly reliable I'd say.
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