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E85 in my cadillac sts 94 northstar


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Hello guys, i am french, i have a Cadillac STS 94 Northstar with 70000 miles, in France the E85 is half price as gazoline, 1 quart of gaz cost 2,25 $ and 1 quart of E85 cost 1,10 $, many people put E85 in the car and they dont have a flexfuel car, and the car dont have a kit flex, in France the gaz have 10% E85, many car drive with 30%,50% or 80% E85 in the tank, my question is, how many % of E85 can i put in my STS Northstar???? can i damage the motor? or the headgasket with E85???? thank you for youre answer

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No more than 10% ethanol mix is recommended with a non-flexfuel vehicle. E85 of course is 85% ethanol. you may find that your 'gasoline' is already actually 10% ethanol. Theoretically if your 'normal' gas contains NO ethanol, you could however mix some number 'x' gallons of E85 per 10 gallons of gas and reach a resulting goal mix of 90% gas. So the calculation would be (10+.15x)/(10+x) = 90% gas so x= 1.3 gallons of E85 per 10 gallons of gas. So 1 gallon of E85 per 10 gallons of gas, although because it is difficult to ensure complete mixing I would not recommend mixing them.


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Wow Caddy, great answer ... I think ???

No insult intended there Sir ...

jeez, and it does seem, that you are way ahead of me on this, as well as much more ...

and, it might be a good idea, for me to start pedaling a lot faster, to

try, to come close, to keeping up with you ...

thanks dawg ... for all your efforts ...

for they are, very much appreciated Sir ...

many thanks to you Bruce ...

I love your site ...

Lane ...

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You can use E10 in the N*, but NO MORE than that.

Your N* is not designed for E85.

As CaddyInfo posted, earlier,PROBABLY, add ONE GALLON of E85 to 10 gallons of gas, BUT ONLY if the gas DOES NOT ALREADY have Ethanol in it.

Most of the gas here in the States, is already 10% Ethanol.

Yours may be that way also.

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