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  1. jeez, I don't know what it is with me and that edit feature ... Mike, sorry to have been a pain and since it appears that I do more harm than good, I will go back into the lurking mode again and keep my post to a bare minimum ... And, I do still think that it is odd, that his car ran fine for an hour and a half ... Again sorry ... Lane
  2. Congrats to Mike !!! And Bruce, I think that you made a great decission with Mike ... I lurked here for two years before I became a supporter and Mike was the first person that I wanted to talk cars with followed closly by Texas Jim because it was easy to see that they were hands on guys when it came to cars ...
  3. way off topic ... but I got to ask guys ... " 72 Eld, 8.2 GMC Engine " Blue ??? I had a 73 fat cat with a 472 CID motor ... are you talking 8.2 litres here ??? and if so ... I am confused, for that would be a huge motor ...
  4. as usual I can't sleep, and sometimes you guys don't help too much, because you seemingly, are thinking too hard ... and it makes my head hurt ... isn't this, the same board, where someone said my car won't start and could it be because I am out of gas ??? and no one said, put some gas in it, before asking a BS question like that ... and that, was my first thought by the way, but then I am am idiot ... instead, everybody thought too hard and said things like ... if, all the green wires are not properly grounded then your launch control module will not function on ignition o
  5. P.S. we can test that/this easily ... And, as I seem to be a natural at D.P's . if you would like my help ... then give me a shout out, and I got your back ... thanks dawg ...
  6. Bruce, I think that I mentioned, that it was a sure bet, that I would do the DP thing again ... and I did ... and, once again, I think that I was trying to edit something that I had just posted, but was already on the main page ... in other words, it was posted, I read it as posted and then tried to edit my post ... Lane
  7. I, am a self proclaimed and a known nut here ... and, put simply ... Lane ain't sane ... but what I find interesting here is this, from your first post ... "thought i fixed yesterday ran fine for 1.5 hours " And, I would like, more input here like how many miles on your car and so such ... and, right off the top of my head ... forget about a thermostat problem and, maybe the fans too ... it ran fine for a hour and a half ... right ??? but, like I said, I need more input ... And, for that hour and a half were you driving on a super highway or was that city driving ???
  8. " It might be interesting if a properly-setup Taser was relayed to activate, (repeatedly on car battery power) via a motion sensor under your SUV when in park. " TDK ... -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- TDK, you must not, be much of a cat/feline lover, like me ... your suggestion, almost makes me want to get a pet cat and rig my ride ... and then, I could call the cat, Ol' Sparky ...
  9. If I were you, before I would do anything else, I would pop the hood and have someone turn the key and listen for where the clicking is coming from ... If, it is at the battery, then think cable and if not, then suspect where the clicking is coming from ... and I have said it before, and I will say it again ... A piece of PVC pipe, makes for a very good stethoscope, for pin pointing sound, on a car or whatever ...
  10. very nice and the first thing that I admired was the skirts too ... and then I noticed the window tinting ... very nice looking ride ... my 96 concours, looks to be the same color and body style as yours but not in as good of state ... again, nice ride ...
  11. " Can't seem to locate the cabin filter " air filter ??? need more input please ...
  12. Thanks guys ... sorry, if I posted in the wrong place ... next time, I will look in the closet first ...
  13. Thanks Bruce, for the prompt reply ... I am pretty sure, it happened when I was trying to do an almost immediate edit due to my poor spelling and trying to fix something, that ABC check didn't ... and, I do think, that I was trying to edit something that was already posted as/in I read what I had just posted and tried to edit it ... and, if I did it once, then I will probably do it again and if I figure it out, then I willl give you a shout ... I love your site, Thanks Bruce...
  14. "I get a chuckle every time I buy antifreeze and notice the pre-mixed coolant is DOUBLE the price of mixing it 50/50 with distilled water yourself..." I have noted the same thing with buying round-up (Weed killer) ... I buy it on a large scale and when they went to only selling it as Round-Up Plus and increased the price by 20+ %, by adding what amounts to 2 dollars worth of dish detergent, while actually selling you less of their real product, which is already over priced, because it is only salt that you are using anyway ... but, I didn't exactly get a chuckle over it ...
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