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A happy 93 Eldorado owner


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My 93 Eldo touring coupe behaved very nice all the way from Sweden down through

Denmark, Germany, Austria, Slovenia and Croatia and back again.

I fixed the brakes with new rotors and pads before start and that solved my brake problem.

It made 23 miles per gallon or 10,2 liter per 100 kilometers and a 0.7 quart of oil.

The price is around $9 a gallon in these countries.

The Eldo suffers from some detonation (when warm and acceleration at low speed) that has nearly dissappeared (I try to fill it with Shell V-power 100 octane with some cleaning ingredients. ) I have a very early 93 that has an extra check for low refrigerant (A046) - that check and code was taken away later as it probably gives an unnecessary and maybe wrong warning. The AC is very cold but I can feel the compressor engaging now and then. I do not know if that is normal or not.

/Jan L

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That sounds like a great road trip. Hopefully $9/gallon is easier in your local currency than if we had to pay in US dollars!

There is a knock diagnosis chart here: http://www.caddyinfo.com/knock.htm


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The current cost of gas is based on a three legged chair.

#1. Value of the US dollar. Poor.

#2. Speculators input on gas futures. Currently, you only need about $700k to play with $10M worth of oil. People in the business claim if the reserve was raised to 25% down. 80% of that problem would go away.

#3. World demand. China, India, US. High.

Most of the US economy is based on cheap fuel. History being a prime example, sorry, I do not want to live next door to the General Motors plant. Cheap gas made it easy to expand out per say..

Example: We tried to order a pizza tonight. Pizza Hut said 1 hour 45 minutes for delivery. BS..we'll pick it up in 20 minutes, 1 mile away. I suggested: "I bet they don't have any drivers, and the currnet drivers are not making any money." Wife picks up pie at Pizza Hut and asks.....turns out being TRUE!.....no drivers..they are charging $2 extra per pie for delivery...still no drivers....the drivers are not making any money.

No idiot is going to deliver pizzas for free.

BTW..it seems the price has come down around here. Bought some tonight for $3.85.

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Gas price in Sacramento area of California, <_< $4.47+ for regular.

San Francisco Bay Area :angry: $4.79+ for regular.


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