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Silicone on Leather


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Last week, I made the mistake of taking my new daily driver (06 LaCrosse) to the local car wash for a complete detail. After what I thought was a full discussion of what I wanted - and DID NOT want - on the interior, they proceeded to slime the entire interior with what I assume is scented armor all, or a close cousin to it. Leaving me, of course, with a slippery, smelly mess to clean up.

Step 1 in the cleanup was the Big Towel to wipe off the gallon or so of excess goop they left on the surface. Step 2 was a leather cleaner from the parts store which made some more progress, especially with the smell.

But I still have some pretty slippery, though now dry, seats. Definitely has that silicone feel to it. As an added bonus, I can now make any seat slippery, just by riding in the car and then sitting on any other seat, chair, couch, etc.....

How can I get this junk off of there? Taking it back for them to deal with is not an option. Those Bozo's will never touch the inside of my car again!!

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I expierenced that once myself with a prior car. I used this Maquier's leather cleaner to 'remove' the top layer of wax/dirt/grime..I did this a few times over untill I had some dry clean seats...then I used my prefered leather wax/conditioner a few times on my seats to protect and moisturize my seats. The key is chemically removing everything off of your seat (be sure to check that the stripper doesn't damage your seats like the bottle says... that's some powerful stuff) and to refinish from there. Just again, BE CAREFULL on what you use to strip/clean your seats. The only way to get rid of that silicone slippery feel is to strip/remove it with a leather cleaner...multiple times if necessary. When that happened to me, I did that (clean/strip) and recondition and gave it a week (because you'll get a small amount of residual stuff left-over from the sides or an inconspicuous place that floats on top of the 2nd applied reconditioner) and the problem was fixed. I'm not an expert but I just went with Maquiers (like $7 for stripper and $5-$6 for reconditioner I think) because I've personally never had issues using their products


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As said, you'll just have to get a good leather cleaner, the Car Pool near me does the same thing opens the door, throws in a armour all grenade and slams the door!

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I found the ONLY way to get this done right is, Saddle soap the leather and then Mink oil it.

I tried the other leather cleaners, and they just didn't lift all the junk from the leather.

If you really want a deep clean it's the only way to go.

It will leave the leather like new from the showroom.


By the way....The Guru himself is the one I learned this from.

Life is too short to grow up!

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Oh man, I hate slippery seats

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