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Last week I bought the 1999 SLS 53K miles in to the Caddy dealer for state inspection and check oil leak.

Found Front motor mount was leaking oil. All else was fine.

Car covered by GM Major guard thus only costs me $50.00 plus tax and inspection.

After thay finished the 1999 Swaped it for the 2001 DTS 43K miles The service engine light was on.

They found the following items.

1. Crankshaft Sensor.

2. Catalitic converter.

3. Broken Motor mount. (This is the one where I posted the TSB for the Motor Mount Shield) It does not Apply to the 1999 SLS.

The 2001 DTS Has a Zero Deductable on the GMPP thus No Charge.

Interesting they ordered the entire Exhaust system Since they do not just replace the Cat for some reason. Checked cost on GM Parts direct. Something like $1100.00.

By the way They told me I can extend the GM warranty on the 1999 for another 2 years or additional 20K for about $2000.00 Cannot get Major Guard But can get Value Guard.

Thought I would share my experience. Service was first class. Offered us a loaner car but we do not need it!


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Thought I would share my experience. Service was first class. Offered us a loaner car but we do not need it!


All trips to a Cadillac Dealer should be that way. First Class. I have been fortunate in that I have an excellent dealer not far from my house. Frank Kent Cadillac, Ft. Worth Tx.

I have read so many horror stories about some dealers. It makes you leery about taking your car in to have something done to it.

Took the '06 DTS in one time to have the drivers door adjusted after a 40 mph wind gust caught it. I was getting out ... the wind jerked the door out of my hand and sprung the door. It was hitting the striker plate a little and rising to close properly. Also had wind noise at the top of the door. That really was not a fault of Cadillac and if they had wanted to charge me to do it... I would have paid... after complaining a little bit. :D

I asked that it be adjusted at the hinges inside the fender... NOT at the striker plate. My Service Writer wrote it up... "Customer request adjustment at hinges not striker" and that was the way it was done. All under warranty. No charge.

The last time I had the oil changed.... they changed my air filter. Because they had not asked me for permission to change it... they only charged me 6 bucks for it and no labor to change it.

Right after I bought it.... I took it back to my selling dealer, (Moritz Cadillac) because I thought the ride height of the car was too high. They checked it and it was within spec... barely. Said there was NOTHING they dould do. I would just have to live with it.

That answer was nor satisfactory to me. I took it to the dealer close to me. Frank Kent Cadillac.

At first they told me the same thing... it is within spec... sorry.

I asked the service MANAGER if there was ANYTHING they could do to lower it. At first he said no, but I kinda begged and told him how unhappy I was with the car.

He took it back into the shop ( I went with him to watch)

He spent well over two hours on it with the Tech 2 adjusting it and updating all the software on the car. Not supposed to be possible to lower it ... but he seemed to REALLY KNOW what the Tech 2 could do. Lowered it about 1.5 inches all the way around. At one time he had THREE BIG GUYS leaning on the trunk / bumper for about 15 minutes while he manually bled the rear struts and then told the Tech 2 to save the settings. Tech 2 said it did not save ... but it really did. :D Sure did make a difference in the way it drove and handled after that. The front went down easy... but the rear didn't want to lower.

I made it a point ... the next time I was in... to look him up and personally thank him for all the time he spent on it.

Reckon I need to find out what the Service Writer and the Service manager drink... and get them a nice big bottle of it. :D Or maybe a gift certificate to to a nice restaurant.

Just some of my experiences ... hope yours are as good the next time you go in for service.

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Glad to hear good reports.

I agree that there is a lot of expertise in the Dealer repair stalls; I wish it was easier to get to the Technicians some times. It seems to me that the job of the Service Writers is to tell you three times that whatever problem the car has is normal before they admit for service.


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Glad to hear there is hope after all!

Oh wait, I'm in the NYMA (NY Metropolitan Area). Those sort of fairy tail things don't happen here. <_<



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