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Ok...out of my own frustration in finding an affordable timimg belt tool...for the wifes 2003 3.0L Saturn VUE. I have started a mini website to support this cause..wifes car is long over due @120k.


The Kent Moore tool is J 42069. List price is $550.

What does this have to do with Cadillac? Happens the Catera uses the same engine and tool. Along with the Saab 900 and 9000.

Uhh..not available at Auto Zone if your thinking that.

There are some aftermarket versions. Baum is one..Snap On sells a labled version of the Baum. Both still over $300.

Very hard to find on eBay. A Baum version went the other night for over $250. Hmmm.

So same tool. Catera, Saturn, Saab. I've been looking..need one. Dealers are charging $500-700 for belt install.


Online timing belt tool kit rental program for Catera, Saturn VUE, L series, Saab 900 and 9000 vehicles.

Been working today on a rental program for J 42069. Me..being I have been looking for 30 days would jump on it. But we want to be fair. Please look at this link. Vote yea or nea. Ideas + or -. Suggestions etc.

It is listed inside our LED website. Only because we all ready sell Catera lamps. So it's like going into a catalog..

Anyway, hope to launch this in about 2 weeks. Please take a look. Thank You.


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Logan -- I would put the tool rental at the top of the list, and then the tool sales in order of increasing cost following. My thinking is that someone who sees the $500 price first will simply forget it without seeing the rental price.

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I think it is an excellent idea to make these type of tools available in this way. It would be nice if all the product links were affilliate relationships so that if someone buys by clicking on the link you end up with a commission.


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