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Air bag light


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Recently I noticed the air bag light on my dash stays lit. Car is an '03 DTS under warranty. I got the followinf codes:

SDM B0065



PDM 1713

Cleared the codes but the SDM code is still there along with the air bag light. Any info appreciated.


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B0065 looks like the seatbelt pretensioner. I would take it to the dealer and let them check/repair/replace.

DTC B0065 Will Set When

Resistance of the driver belt pretensioner deployment loop is higher than 4.5 ohms for 500 milliseconds.

Voltage at driver belt pretensioner high terminal is less than 2 volts and the resistance of the driver belt pretensioner is higher than or equal to 4.5 ohms for 500 milliseconds.

Ignition voltage is within the normal operation range.

Action Taken

The SDM will turn on the AIRBAG indicator and set a diagnostic trouble code (DTC) B0065


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SDM -- Inflatable Restraint Sensing and Diagnostic Module

B0065 - Left Front/Driver Pretensioner Deployment Loop Open

U1016 - Loss of Communications with PCM

PDM -- Passenger Door Module

B1713 - Mirror Switch R Down Input Stuck High

U1713 - Loss of Front Door Module to Window Motor High Speed Comm.

I've heard from others that, apparently, you can't reset SIR codes from the console. You probalby need a [GM Dealer] scan tool to do that. It looks like there is a problem with the wiring to the seat belt sensor in the takeup spool, as Bruce says.

Since the instrument panel has lost communication with the PCM (the U1016 history code) you may have a problem with the connector from the console module (the IPM) to the PCM.

You have a wiring problem with the right front door. Since you didn't catch the prefix, I looked up both B and U codes, but they both have to do with the right front door wiring.

Others with experience or a shop manual for the 2003 model year will be able to help more.

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The pre tensioner is actually the belt buckle. It is not in the belt reel.

The belt pre tensioner is like a mini air bag tube. It forces the belt tighter during deployment.

Good chance a poor plug connection is the problem.

Also, you should be able to clear any SDM codes by the IP diagnostics.



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