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96 sts window

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I'm assuming that you don't garage it at night or you wouldn't mention snow. If all else fails, use Saran Wrap or a blanket for tonight and deal with it in the morning. Get the codes tonight and post them here.

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Sorry to hear that. Been there once or twice and it's no fun. :(

You may have a bad switch. If working the switch slow towards the up position while moving the lever / button whatever around will not get it going try spraying a little electric motor and contact cleaner into the switch.

This may or may not work depending on if the switch is the cause and how tight the switch seal is.

If that doesn't work you can always remove the door panel then find the window motor wires at the switch and hot wire the motor to make it go up for the time being. Since the window is down you will not be able to access the motor because the glass is in the way. So let's hpoe it is not the motor.

Keep in mind that the motor has 2 wires and only works if power is supplied to one wire and ground to the other wire. The motor does not use its mount as a ground to the car so putting power to only one wire will not work. The second wire must be grounded to the door or some good ground point. If the motor tries to go down reverse the wires and it will go up if the motor is not the problem.

I guess it goes without saying that if you do get the window back up you should leave it there until you can check the condition of the switch / motor and wiring for the cause of the problem. Good luck. :)

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I'm not real sure on that model to be honest. The door panel is the hard part since it is held on with plastic retainers.

The best way I guess is to take a thin screw driver and work it around the door where the panel seam is and locate the places that have the retainers. Then work each retainer out very easy useing a rocking motion.

Once you have one or two loose you will be able to see how these retainers are made and it may help you understand how best to remove them.

There is a chance some screws may also be holding the panel so look very close around the panel for any screws. Like corners and the area where you place you're hand to pull the door shut.

I haven't had the need to pull mine apart or even look at how it's held on but in the old days you could remove the switch panel without removing the door panel so look for some screws or a sign that the switch panel will come up for servicing the switches in that area as well.

Again good luck.

Sorry, I do not think you need any special tools for this but there is a tool made for removing the retainers. As I said I haven't taken this model apart before. Just be careful of the switch panel, I'm sure it's cheap plastic and will break easy.

Try not to destroy the plastic liner inside the door. It's the seal for keeping dirt, noise, etc from entering the door and inside of the car.

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Don't discount the door slamming trick posted by Ranger. I've had to use it several times myself. If you need the window to go up then open the door, hold the window switch in the Up position, and slam the door shut while keeping the switch in the up position. If you need the window to go down then do the same thing except hold the switch in the down position. I haven't had to use this trick in over a year and I use my window constantly. Here are some links to previous discussions on this subject:





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so i got a used switch from a recker and had it in there used it 5 or 6 times and the same thing happened goes down but not back up, crossed the wires and put it back up. now the guy at the wrecker says that it is a bad regualtor in the window motor and its needs to be replaced along with the switch...... does this sound right if it were a volkswagon i would trust the guy for sure but on the caddy this is the only place to check

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Tun, It's a hassle but you can swap the motor with the one in the back door and see if it works.

The car only uses 2 different window motors, but I'd check with the dealer to make sure its the rear Dr. side and not Pass. side


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