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'96 SLS rear seat removal


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In my never-ending quest to fix my AM radio RFI problem, I need to get to the RSS module, which is mounted on a bulkhead between the rear seat and trunk. I've tried to get the panel out from the trunk side, but had no success. I'm assuming access can be gained by removing the rear seat back, right? I tried to get that out, but she don' wanna budge. What am I missing?


P.S. For the gory details on the RFI problem, check out this thread.

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You probably have to remove the seat cushion first. Haven't done one in many years but I don't think they have changed. Push the seat back (towards the rear of the car) and then lift the front up. Then you should be able to pull the seat free. I'm not sure about the seat back, but once the cushion is out I am sure you will see what needs to be done to remove it.

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You will need to remove the seat cushion first - yoiu'll need to push it rearward and then lift up. You'll need to push like a SOB in order to dislodge it though.....

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According to the shop manual, you are on the right track. The module is accessed by removing the rear seat. The previous posts are right. You have to push the lower seat cushion back until it disengages from the clips. The best way to do this is to work one side at a time, and push the wire frame of the seat toward the back until it pops free. Then do the other side. To get the seat back out, you will have to remove two nuts that secure the seat back to the rear shelf. These are accessible from inside the trunk. Then you need to remove the nuts that secure the bottom of the seat. These will be visible under the seat back when the lower cushion is removed.

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Had mine out several times, it takes an act of God to get the seat out! Simply push rearward and lift front edge of seat up. I ended up lifting the front edge of the seat up and managed to get a screw driver under and sort of pushed up and rearward at the same time on the metal wire loop that holds it in. I also tried wedging a 2X4 to push the seat rearward, while cussing softly and after about 20 minutes or so, I worked up to full blown top of my lungs cursing. Believe me it doesn't come out easy. It seems like if the seat was back maybe a 1/2 inch or so it would come out easily. Good luck.......Dan

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