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  1. Howyadoin, Well, I think it's time to put the old lady out to pasture. She's presently at 217K, and reliability has become a concern. I just started a new job on the other side of Boston, so I can't worry about the car blowing a gasket in the middle of the Big Dig. Corrosion has caused me to blow power steering lines and brake lines, which I had to replace. The radiator has been replaced. Still to be done: She's losing a tiny bit of coolant somewhere, and I'm seeing a tiny little wisp of coolant steam off the top of the engine toward the rear driver side. The back O2 sensor (still) needs to be done. The throttle position sensor needs to be replaced, it's causing an intermittent high idle. The torque converter lockup solenoid will occasionally throw a code going uphill, but it doesn't affect anything. The fuel filler neck still leaks. So in my infinite wisdom, I decided to get a more reliable car... an '80 Coupe deVille!! Huh? Yeah! Wait, what? Apologies for the crappy nighttime cell phone pic, BTW Hell, for all I know the SLS has another 100K in her, but I put her through enough rush hour hell last summer, and I think she'd be better suited to suburban cruising these days. So if anybody's interested, drop me a line at mbp2112 at that place ,dig? I'll be putting it up on Craigslist this week, but I'll give you all first crack.
  2. Taa-Daaaaaa!!!! Thanks to Bruce and all the members, without their advice and experience it wouldn't have happened!
  3. Howyadoin, Thanks for the compliments, I'm glad you're enjoying it. She's sitting on 198,500 at the moment, I've been traveling overseas quite a bit lately and riding my bikes when I can, so it'll be a bit longer until I hit the big 200. Rest assured, I'll have the camera ready for the big moment! -Rav
  4. Howyadoin, Yep, still rolling, bless her heart... 195K, baby! I replaced the alternator for the second time back in late 07, replaced the serpentine belt a few months later, and just the other day replaced the left side axle bearing assembly, the right sway bar link, plugs and wires. She's running MUCH better. I still have a rattle in the front end, my new ace mechanic Big D (my previous ace mechanic, Mark R. is out on disability) thinks it's a bad strut. I'll get around to it. Things to fix for the 200K milestone: radio antenna (replace with correct one). replace stock crappy Delco AM/FM/cassette with decent head and speakers. front end rattle driver's seat heater twilight sentinel
  5. Howyadoin, Anybody got any tips on getting these things out? It looks like there's a bracket that the lights mount into, can that be gotten out easier than trying to get the bulb and socket out of the bracket? I'm having no luck. Are you supposed to twist and pull the socket? I can't get a grip to twist the socket... Arrgghh... I already got pulled over once since the second of the two bulbs blew, so I need to get this fixed. Thanks in advance, -Rav
  6. Howyadoin, Yep, she's still running... 188K and climbing. Since my last update, I removed the power pulldown from the trunk, after another switch bit the dust. I've never liked the power trunk anyway, it's a pain. I went for inspection a couple months ago and got rejected for bad left ball joint, so that got replaced. Just had the fuel line recall done, after a leak developed on the line running to the cylinder at top right (not sure which number). In the process, it was found that my fuel filler neck has rusted, I was quoted a completely ridiculous price by the dealer to replace it, so I'm looking at other options. Still getting the occasional P0741, but it clears and does not affect driveability. I'm not inclined to rip the transmission apart to fix it. Still burning oil, and she's developed a bit of a leak as well. I'll be trying to track the leak down later this month. It's not serious, just the "marking its spot" kinda thing. All in all, no serious complaints, although flunking that inspection was a first, and I've owned some real pieces of crap over the years... Oh yeah, got pulled over the other day for the first time in I don't remember when, for blown plate lights... D'Oh!
  7. Howyadoin, I don't know this guy, but it seems like he's quite adamant about collecting a bunch of VIN numbers and ECM service numbers, almost to the point of ranting. It seems a bit odd to be demanding that kind of information without having the person's hardware. Almost seems akin to the guys that troll for e-mail addresses in newsgroups by offering something free, "just give me your addy and I'll send it to ya". Then there are a raft of "Me too" posts to the group with email addresses. It's a bit creepy, IMHO. Is there anything that could be done with a Tech 2 to a car using a different VIN and service number? Changing mileage in the IPC or something?
  8. Perhaps the throttle cable has disengaged with the retaining bracket. This problem was mentioned in a NHTSA recall buletin for the 1994 model Seville and Eldorado with manufacture dates of June 1993 through August 1993. However, I do not believe it was a recall in '93. I suspect you may nevertheless be experiencing the same problem? I suggest inspecting the throttle cable to make sure it's properly seated in the retaining bracket and, if necessary, install a cable tie to secure the cable. I have most of my problems solved, now, thanks to all the help I've received form you guys. The major problem turned out to be a difference in the physical layout of the bracket that receives the throttle cable on the '93 and '94 models. The '94 bracket positions the end of the cable approximately 1/8 of an inch farther away from the TB, forcing the valve to open slightly more at idle. I guess the old adage that "If you hear hoof beats, you should expect to see horses, not zebras" applies. Should have noticed that! Very interesting... Is the engine original?
  9. Howyadoin, Approximately 180K miles here on my '96 SLS, she's in her dotage, but has never left me in the lurch!. Coming up on 3 years I've owned the car, I've driven 60K of the 180 on the clock. Spent $3800 on the car, probably another $1500 replacing parts over the 3 years (A/C compressor, fuel pump, heater blower, heater core, battery, alternator X2, front "dogbones", brakes, tires, transmission service). The next new(ish) vehicle is designated for my wife, so I'm gonna keep this car running for another year or so, then start looking for another Caddy, maybe an Eldo...
  10. Howyadoin, Here's a bit of weirdness... Conditions: <30 MPH, off throttle, coasting, usually downhill or level grade. RPM sitting at ~750 RPM, every 4 seconds or so RPM will drop below 500 for about a second, then come back to ~750, then repeat after 4 seconds. Doesn't happen at a stop or in park. Any guesses? ISC motor, dirty throttle butterflies, bad MAF (or is it MAP on a '96?) sensor? O2 sensor? -Rav
  11. Howyadoin, I ordered the solenoid kit from Friday morning, spending the extra 20 bucks for next business day shipping just in case Mark R., my ace mechanic, had an opening this week. Sure enough, he had a cancellation, so I brought the car to the shop Monday night. He removed the valve body and started cleaning things up, since the ATF was kinda discolored. The solenoids came off without incident. The solenoids push on pistons in the valve body that are spring loaded. The first solenoid came off and the piston popped out gently, but the piston on the second one did not. After removing the piston, he found a small sliver of metal that may have prevented the piston from moving properly in the bore. The solenoids looked OK, but he replaced them to be safe, and installed the retaining clip on the little cylindrical screen thingy. He put it back together, put in about 5.5 quarts of fresh ATF (Dexron III w/Mercon), and I took her out for a road test. The streets of Salem are narrow and slow, so I had to wait a few miles before I could even get over 40, but it was looking good. I took a quick trip up Rt. 128 and got her to 60 without incident, then jumped over to I-95 and gently got her up to 80. Whew! What a relief! -Rav
  12. Thanks for the tip Regis, I tried the Lucas Transmission Fix, to no avail. Next step is to replace the shift solenoids, they're a known problem in the 4T80-E. I had them fail in my '93 STS, and I'm hopeful that the problem is the same. The symptoms are certainly similar to what I experienced with the '93 except there's no codes being thrown on the '96. The car will be down for the next week since Mark R., my ace mechanic, is buried with work. At that point I'm heading for California for a long weekend at Laguna Seca, so by the time I get back I hope he has this problem fixed. Getting through the winter with the '96 would be preferable, since I'd rather not go car hunting until spring.
  13. I hope you're right (crosses fingers), that's going to be the first thing I check. I thought they'd fixed the solenoid issues in '96, although with 175K of stop 'n go driving, anything is possible. -Rav
  14. Howyadoin, Well, this might be it... The transmission is starting to fail at 174.4K miles. She's been throwing PC0741 intermittently for a couple of weeks, but there's been no effect on drivability. I was noticing a bit of a ticking sound in Drive at part throttle, which was concerning me. I took the car to work today, and left the transmission in "3" until I got on the highway. I dropped the shifter into "D" and the transmission stayed in "3". I tried cycling back and forth, still no luck. I'm gonna try some Lucas transmission conditioner, but I'm not terribly confident. Between the front end issues, the continued oil burning, and now this, I think it's time to start looking... -Rav