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  1. cadillac told me that the FPRs look the same but are different for 98 and up. Also, I believe the injectors are different. I would bet the flow rate and operating pressure is slightly different between the two. They might work for each other but not perfectly........Dan
  2. I recently had a similiar problem with my FPR. My cadillac told me that 98 and up FPRs are different than 97 and lower. So if the "O" ring isn't the problem, this might be a consideration. Good luck......Dan
  3. I bought it on Ebay. I believe it was off a CTS 03 automatic. I figured I would give it a try. With a little work it turned out real nice
  4. I was thinking of going that route, although that would have been a little more work. I won't say you can't do it though.
  5. Yes that is a different radio, It is a CD player off of a 99 deville. This however was a lot more complicated to get to work than the shift knob. as you can see i like to do things that people say can not be done and will not work LOL.
  6. There are some modifications that needed to be done. Like changing the key-way and the height of the knob. You also need to drill two very small holes for the old clip to hold it in. It was a little bit of work but as you can see it can be done and it works like it was made for the car. If anyone wants to try this and has questions please let me know i will be glad to help. Dan
  7. Well i got around to installing my new CTS shift knob on my 96 Seville. It works great and i think adds a nice touch from the golf club style shifter that used to be in there. Hope you guys like Thanks Dan
  8. Had mine out several times, it takes an act of God to get the seat out! Simply push rearward and lift front edge of seat up. I ended up lifting the front edge of the seat up and managed to get a screw driver under and sort of pushed up and rearward at the same time on the metal wire loop that holds it in. I also tried wedging a 2X4 to push the seat rearward, while cussing softly and after about 20 minutes or so, I worked up to full blown top of my lungs cursing. Believe me it doesn't come out easy. It seems like if the seat was back maybe a 1/2 inch or so it would come out easily. Good luck..
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