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Bought a Honda


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Yes....buy a home..3rd one.

Yard work...hate it..

Old man sells used yard equipment, every Saturday nearby. Bought a lawn tractor from him couple of months ago for $400. Me and neighbor splilt it...$200 each....great deal.

So, the 'clean up' Lawn Boy' mower is beat. Now pukes a coil. The deadman hasen't worked in years..wheels breaking off.....BEAT.

Let's go see what the old man has....

Whoa...is that a $500 Honda mower?.....SOLD $70.

You can buy these at Home Depot: But they are $500 bucks...yeah...plastic deck...starts on 1 pull.


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really? Always steered myself away from the plastic deck ones...then again this is my mower currently:

IPB Image

85' Toro fully loaded :)

Picture makes it look pinkish but its the usual Toro Red.

While looking at my photobucket forget about this, the hood ordament fell off at some point while I was snow blowing, but I had it on there pretty good, I think when i was dusting the top off I may have broke it off and didn't notice until my next use:

IPB Image

The Green's Machines

1998 Deville - high mileage, keeps on going, custom cat-back exhaust

2003 Seville - stock low mileage goodness!

2004 Grand Prix GTP CompG - Smaller supercharger pulley, Ported Exhaust Manifolds, Dyno tune, etc

1998 Firebird Formula - 408 LQ9 Stroker motor swap and all sorts of go fast stuff

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I HATE "sneaky" posts like this!

Logan damned near gave me a coronary! A HONDA!!!??!!

I hope his center brake light goes out! :lol:



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