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  1. If it happens when cranking the vehicles is doing it as designed. If it senses a low voltage no start it will pop the trunk and fuel door, because those are the 2 places you may need to get into to help start it back up Mechanic friend told me about that and I have confirmed it with the 98 Deville and 03 Seville that are my fathers, when both had batteries go, both experienced this behavior. My bad on bumping an old thread, but was searching for a door lock issue and figured I add for anyone searching the issue.
  2. although almost a month old topic, going to the dealer with registration and drivers license worked. 60 bucks out the door, no remote though. Did find my ignition key.....down the road up the curb a bit, so the plow had its way with my door key, fob, and keychain.
  3. Can't find my spare set and the lost set are in the snow somewhere it appears. I do have a Passkey 2 key....for my Firebird formula. Can I have the caddy programmed for that key or do I need to order one form GM.... I do not know the resistor value of the lost keys Thanks in advance for responses/advice. Ed
  4. The sound I am hearing is actually most hearable at about the 38-34 mark (right at 35 to be precise, that video counts down not up btw), its like a loud thumping that is masked by what I assume is the injectors. I'll do some trouble shooting on it to see what I come up with. I'll check to see what kind of plugs/wires are on it. They say a lot of problems seem to have creeped up around the time they had a tune-up. I just assumed something is wrong because I compared the sound to that of my 3800, Northstar, and picked out the sounds I don't reconize, such as the that knocking sound. Prett
  5. Opps, video is fixed: http://smg.photobucket.com/albums/v348/Big...nt=richscar.flv Thanks for telling me Ed
  6. He has gotten a low oil pressure warning on one ocasion. I was using the gauge the DIC has for oil pressure, I guess the Old's got em but the caddy's didn't He has said nothing about losing oil or oil spots. He first called this to my attentiong a month or so ago, but it was writtin off as a misfire problem and they went threw that ordeal of working on the usual culprits of that. I think its been driven sometime in this state. Intresting you said oil pump, because it almost sounds like a compression sound along with the knock. They oil is changed by a shop from what I gather but I w
  7. Here's a "video" of the "sound", I tried to move the camera around to get full sound: http://smg.photobucket.com/albums/v348/Big...¤t=richscar.flv The car has been in a incident involving the oil pan being replaced (hit something to damage it) but that was long before this issue appeared Vehicle has had knock sensor "replaced" or possibly tampered with for the check engine light relating to knock to be fixed. I say tampered because it may still be knocking but the car isn't sending the light, or it was indeed damaged and the car knocked itself to near death. Car looks flawless btw.
  8. Just wondering how this decision is going The redesign went well! The STS has had mid-model refreshment, and seems to have a very nogotiable price.
  9. Hey, we're supposed to forget about the zigster.
  10. Punch it at speed when its wet, with TC off. Especially on RWD, the car will want to spin, stabilitrak will kick in to save ya. With traction control on, it does the above again only you don't get to the point where stabilitrak has to kick in, the wheel spin never gets that bad. The way a GM brochure explained it to me is Stabilitrak controls side to side movement. Traction control is forward movement. ABS brakeing. When the latter of the 3 fail to keep the vehicle under control, or you go into a slide, Stabilitrak kicks in, its like a watchful eye over the vehicles movements. To my kn
  11. ^that series of commercials I think really hits home for any enthusiast or cadillac owner. Sure it got this, that, and the other, but you gotta love to turn the key, put your foot down.
  12. I thought it was only post-2000 FWD northstars that dropped the premium requirment.
  13. yeah Dyno's are sweet tools. See's how a windless world helps out any car My GTP was headed for 160 before the guy backed off running out of injector
  14. with my dad, while looking at cadillacs in the dealership lot we got stuck in the mud. It had snowed and one of the areas at the end of a row of cars wasn't paved. we found out and the front end sunk like a stone, left the keys in the dealer drop box (was a sunday after church), wrote on the note "sorry for tearing up your lawn, could you tow us out" Called my dad, said they cleaned it up, towed it out with an Esclade
  15. Figured I post in here now that I have a vehicle with it... When on my less than stellar in winter all season performance tires stabilitrak (sport in my case) engaged numerous times, saving me a few. Its amazing how easily a car can go from no grip problem at all to all out slide on untreated roads. (I now have snow tires so all is well) The sport version is somewhat scary however. Its nice that it lets you swing the car around and rarely intervenes, but on snow its almost like it teases you. If control is lost the system will let the car go and just intervene before the point of no ret
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