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  1. Follow up: My 'Component Coverage Letter' arrived in the mail from GM (see below). Guys, color me impressed. Note the section I circled in the middle. That's not just the parts replaced (injectors, cats, high pressure fuel pump), that's more or less the whole engine. And the "all internally lubricated engine parts" line is great because that should cover the infamous timing chain failure these engines are known for. Very pleasantly surprised on how this all turned out. Almost worth the month of aggravation for this added (very generous) warranty coverage. Car still running (an
  2. Service Manager at the dealership forwarded me this email today: He says the warranty on the repairs has now been bumped up from the regular 12 months to 24 months (36,000 miles). I should get a packet in the mail soon. GM rep called me back and apologized, she didn't realize that the extended warranty trumped he offer of OnStar (apparently they are not allowed to do both), so her request for free OnStar was declined. Oh well, I'd rather have the warranty and call the tow truck myself anyway. I guess when it all boils down, they really did try to make it right. Car is still runnin
  3. Funny you should say that. There is much talk that the AC Delco stuff is actually the Chevron stuff relabeled. Some say if you turn the bottle upside down it says Chevron on the bottom. About half the price too... The AC Delco stuff is hard to find. Basically the options are pick it up at the dealer, eBay or AMAZON.
  4. Good to 'see' you again as well. Sadly the 2010 & 2011 SRX (I have an early run 2010) had the 3.0L DI, it wasn't until 2012 that they switched to the 3.6L that they continued to use until the end of the SRX production in 2016. By all accounts the 3.6L variant was a much more reliable engine. I've now learned that the 3.0 is prone to timing chain failure at around 100k. Hope mine isn't one of them. I guess we'll never know what caused what and when. Odd that the codes thrown were consistent even though the symptoms moved around some. I'm glad they gave me the beninfit of the dou
  5. UPDATE: I think the saga may FINALLY be over! Got a call 1st thing Saturday morning from the dealership's manager saying the car is repaired and they are confident of it this time. They told me that they ended up having to 'call Detroit' (GM?) and speak to an engineer about it. He asked them if they had checked the High Pressure Fuel pump, they told him they had, and it was reading normal. He told them to check it again. It was still reading normal. He told them to replace it anyway because their are some instances where it reads normal but that it's still the root of the issues (I had ac
  6. Absolutely no word from the dealership since they picked up the SRX last Thursday. Guess it's not something simple or they still haven't figured it out. GM was supposed to do a followup call today and haven't received that call either. Really enjoying the XT5. Highly recommend it for those who liked the SRX. Great upgrade. Wish this one was a higher trim level (it's a base). I would definitely order the Premium trim level again. Had I driven this vehicle before having to make the decision on whether to fix my SRX I may have made a different decision... For now I'll just keep p
  7. Of course while this is all very interesting, I think it's worth noting that two engine cleanings made absolutely no difference in the issue. I sure hope they look at other options at this point. All along I was sceptical of that approach as the current issue occurred directly after their repairs. And yet throws the same codes as the original issue. Should be interesting to see what they come up with next.
  8. Halfway through our road trip. I REALLY wish they hadn't given us this vehicle. Is great. It's a dream on the interstate. Overall I'm really enjoying the XT5. Will make a good replacement for the SRX one day. Hopefully far far down the road. No update thus far from the dealer.
  9. We've got a road trip (already planned before this mess happened) for this weekend, so I'll report back on it. So far in my short time with it - my initial reactions is it feels NOTHING like the previous generation (SRX). Totally different driving experience. Not sure on it yet. The transmission is a HUGE upgrade from the SRX, you don't even feel it moving through the gears. Seems like it's a bit slow to get moving compared to my SRX, but that might be me getting used to it. Trying to get used to the electronic shifter (although it's WAY better than the 'buttons' that the GMC Terrain had inste
  10. Correct. FWD. Last time they put me in a 2018 GMC Terrain. This time I'm in a 2018 (Red) XT5 (the successor to my SRX). Hope they're not trying to tell me something... Lol. What an adventure. I'm ready for it to be over.
  11. Well day three of having the car back and we've thrown codes for both banks again. CEL didn't come on, so we'll see what they say. Waiting on a call back. Edit/Update: They have agreed to come pick up the car & leave a loaner again. Service Manager is going to be heading up this job this time, so we'll see if that nets me a better result. Thanks to anyone still following along with this mess...
  12. Actually I've been researched the heck out of DI engines and the issues of valve buildup ever since they started blaming the issue on it. And I just so happened to have already watched that video. GREAT video btw.
  13. So dumb question: do the DI engines have a standard fuel pressure regulator? Because I tired doing some research on it's location and can't even find one listed for this car.
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