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Lazy Parking Brake Pedal 98 ETC


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My parking brake pedal is lazier and lazier; the parking brake disengages when its put into gear, but does not come back up to the fully disengaged position, and the parking brake light stays on while I'm driving. Used to be I could pull it back up with my foot and it would stay, but, it is increasingly falling back down and the light comes on while I'm driving. The parking brake itself works perfectly, and disengages when I put it in gear.

I have to pull it apart, and wonder, if there's parts I should expect to replace, so I can buy them before I pull it apart.


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You might want to pull the diagnostic codes from your car's computer. Click here for the process. Write them down and post them here. That will tell what the sensors can detect about the parking brake issue.

The parking brake is released by a solenoid controlled by the PCM (main engine computer). This solenoid controls a vacuum switch and a vacuum diaphragm releases the parking brake. The problem is probably not the release but the mechanism that pulls the pedal back up.

The factory shop manual, page 5-8, says that you should adjust the parking brake if it does not release properly. This is a simple adjustment of the cables and needs no new parts.

The cables are permanently lubricated. If someone has put lubricant in your brake cables, they may bind. If so, they must be replaced.

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