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The sensors are before and after the CAT. I would think removing it will cause problems as the sensors will detect a CAT failure and the PCM will compensate leading to an improper fuel mixture.

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You would have to replace the o2 sensors before/after the cat with o2 sensor simulators similar to the Caspers Electronics line, which they recently apparently discontinued.


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You might be better advised to just get a low-restriction catalytic converter.

The factory catalytic converter for the STS/ETC looks very much like the low-restrction unit from Borla and others. I do belive that the STS/ETC and probably the other Northstars come with a low-restriction catalytic converter.

This hints that maybe you should leave the catalytic conveter alone and get lower restriction mufflers.

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I would second the notion to leave the catalytic converter in place...or get a high-flow one if you're concerned about the original. A properly-operating converter doesn't rob any noticeable power from the vehicle. And although your particular county may not have emission testing, don't think that you're exempt from the law. It's a federal felony to remove an operating catalytic converter from a vehicle, except for replacement. Just because you might have clean air, doesn't mean everyone else does -- and smog knows no county/state boundaries.

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