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When i start my car it will flash EXP ID 25 on the DIC. I've also seen the number 11 and i think it was 34 that come up. I've flipped through my owners manual and I didn't see anything about it. Does anyone know what this means?

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I don't see anything resembling ETC or ID on the on-board diagnostics code tables. It may be a cell phone message. The cell phone can be set up for multiple users, with their own phone books, permissions, and call history, each with a unique numerical ID and password.

Powertrain Control Module codes in that numerical range are all manufacturer codes:

DTC 11 - Driver Seat Forward/Backward Motor Inop

DTC 11 - Exhaust Accumulator Fault

DTC 11 - Inside Air Temperature Sensor Open Circuit

DTC 11 - Transponder Key Problem

DTC 25 - Defrost Air Mix Door Motor Voltage High

DTC 25 - Passenger Air Bag Deploy. Loop Short to Voltage

DTC 25/35 - Security Indicator Status (Escalade)

DTC 34 - Passenger Air Bag Deploy. Loop Resistance Low

DTC 34 - Rear Window Defogger Open Circuit

What seems likely to me is that the battery voltage is going low on start and you are getting "I am stunned" messages from either the PCM or cell phone, or both. I would check the battery cables and the battery.

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My understanding is that EXP codes exist on Canadian cars, or "Export" cars

if you prefer.

Both my 97 and 99 stored these codes, and I've never seen a detailed


Here's my previous link. http://caddyinfo.ipbhost.com/index.php?sho...amp;hl=exp+code

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The EXP ID number is included in the cars delivered originally outside the USA. The idea was that English may not be the buyers first language. When a message is displayed on the DIC, the EXP ID number is also displayed. That number can be matched up to the various messages in the owners manual. As an example, in my 1999 Seville owners manual EXP ID 11 is for "Fuel Level Low"...EXP ID 25 is "Check Washer Fluid". The EXP ID 34 is "Service Theft System" and the only one you had that could represent a problem with your car. Funny that the owners manual doesn't explain this.



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that is it. the car was exported to canada. I just missed it when i looked through the owners manual. it's all there in black and white. after reading through the manual it was probably 36 that came up, not 34. the car uses alot of oil. Thanks. i will try to pay more attention is the future.

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