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  1. chazglenn3

    change programed names

    Do you know if the navigation radio will display the same as the IPC? I know the regular Bose head unit still said "Driver No. 1" on my '99 STS when I had my name programmed. Thinking about having the '00 STS programmed...I added the DVD-based navigation head unit and it says "Driver No. 1" like the regular head unit did.
  2. chazglenn3

    1996 eldorado gear shifter

    On the forward part of the knob (toward dashboard) there is a small slot. In the slot is a "c"- clip. Use a small screwdriver to pop the clip out, then the knob pulls right off.
  3. chazglenn3

    what is these buttons?

    It probably is amber...just appears green to him. The older non rolling code models were actually equipped with a red light, like the one in the linked eBay ad.
  4. chazglenn3

    GM Bankruptcy

    Well, I just saw a commercial entitled "GM Reinvention". Looks like you were right on Jim. They are starting over with only Chevrolet, Cadillac, Buick and GMC. There is a website
  5. The dealer parts department should have a copy of the disc and they should reload the software for you. The disc is only available from the GM Nav Disc Center to dealerships. They get the first one free. The navigation radio has a lithium battery in it that is supposed to keep the firmware in memory on power loss, but batteries die. It's a total crock that they claim it was like that when you brought the car in, because it won't turn off until the software is loaded and your battery would be dead all the time. If they won't take care of it for you, try a different Cadillac dealer.
  6. chazglenn3

    2000 STS

    Congrats on your car! Interestingly, I bought my 2000 STS in October with 116K for $3000.
  7. All three grades of gasoline at our local Chevron stations have Techron in them...and 10% ethanol.
  8. chazglenn3


    I have the P1860 code also. It is what in turn sets the P0741 code. It means there is an electrical problem with the solenoid that activates the torque converter clutch in the transmission. Not a big deal. You lose 1-2mpg and the engine turns a couple hundred rpm faster in overdrive. But, since it sets the SES light, you can't pass an emissions test. My car is due for a test and I still need to find time to remove the transmission electrical connector and make sure it isn't something simple like a pushed pin or loose wire.
  9. The bars leak supplement is no longer recommended to be added for a routine coolant change.
  10. That would be correct, sir! Hmmm...wonder if those tips would work on my 2000 STS...
  11. My 1991 STS certainly did. Matter-of-fact, it had the coolest set of factory tips I have seen to date.
  12. chazglenn3

    Bluestar Experience - Onstar-Bluetooth

    Rumor has it that the iPhone issues with the Motorola HF850 that the BlueSTAR uses are corrected in the version 3.0 software slated to be released by Apple soon. That would be awesome!
  13. Yes, the Cadillac/Bose system in the 98-04 Sevilles is awesome! I like to dig up this article whenever someone comments on it...
  14. chazglenn3

    Leaves in A/C?

    There is a cabin air filter that may be clogged with leaves, dirt or whatever. Total pain to replace. Hire it done if you have the coin.
  15. chazglenn3


    Amazing isn't it? Considering the current economic conditions, some businesses just don't seem to understand the importance of GOOD customer service, and it's impact on the bottom line. If you don't mind traveling or shipping the car, there are some VERY good deals in the Texas area (as usual) for Cadillacs.