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  1. I've had three 3.6's, and while there have been reports of timing chains and increased oil usage, I haven't seen this with any of mine. Also, my daughter has a Saturn Vue with the 3.6 and has over 125,000 miles with no stretch or oil issues. My current LGX 3.6 (in an XT5) is too new to comment on; this iteration is probably not going to have the timing chain issues. My first 3.6 was in an '06 STS (LY7 engine) and mine never burned oil or exhibited cam chain problems. I traded in the '06 on an '11 STS (LLT engine) and again no issues (I lost my '11 to an accident; rear ended while stopped, so my time was cut short on that engine). The LLT engine (3.6 direct injection), I believe had addressed a stronger cam chain, so if you can get an '08 or later, in addition to more h/p 302 versus 255, the cam chain should be more stout as well. While not definitive, check for any engine codes (prior to buying), cam sensor errors would be an alarm of possible chain problems.
  2. I'm not a proponent of autonomous cars but I believe I could embrace the "supercruise" concept. Thanks for that clip Bruce.
  3. I have the XT5, and the stop/start can not be turned off, however, it can be defeated. I don't mind that the engine shuts off and restarts when the vehicle is at rest for an at least a modicum of time but it can be tedious in certain parking lot/stop sign stops/slow traffic situations/etc. The stop/start is very smooth (though fairly noticeable) as well. When I can anticipate an upcoming stoppage, that in all reality is going to be very very short, I will invoke the override. This is a tap on the shifter, which puts the tranny in manual mode (thus keeping the engine from shutting down). The only thing that is then required to resume normal cruising is to tap the shifter (again) to put the tranny back in automatic function.
  4. Good commercial, however, my last service from my Cadillac dealer has yielded a dirty carpet and headliner finger smudges. I didn't notice them till I got home. With a twenty mile round trip I decided to do the cleanup myself. Awaiting a customer survey to express my disappointment. Also, awaiting a replacement part that had to be ordered; it has been two weeks without a followup (i.e., part is in, part delayed, etc.) It appears my dealer 'didn't get the memo'.
  5. Well, they said the same for the Cien; so I say: Bring it on. I LIKE IT!!!!
  6. Interesting article on the 6.2 engine. Limited to 600 hp (and that was no problem); worked on reliability (and it appears they got that right). I know the Corvette was limited to 500 hp in their series (similar engines???); I think so.
  7. I may have been a little off-base; the new GMC reveal was for the '18 Terrain. But I'm sure Cadillac is working on some more CUV's (of their own).
  8. Also noted; there is to be a new Traverse revealed at the Detroit Auto Show, and just yesterday I got an alert from GMC that they are also going to announce a new vehicle on January 8th (it had the same silhouette as the Chevy Traverse teaser). With that being said, and Cadillac currently 'very light' on the SUV/CUV curve, can Cadillac be that far from also revealing a "Traverse" sized vehicle (I think not).
  9. I agree with you Bruce, that Cadillac has too big a gap between entry and full blown glitz. I think there shouldn't be a base model and the minimum should be the Luxury. My XT5 came in around 47k (Luxury model) and lacks some equipment that is standard on more 'pedestrian' type entries (from other manufacturers). I like my car a lot and give it a solid B+; whether I get to truly love my vehicle, only time will tell. I think the reason for such a widespread price difference, is in order, to justify the four trim levels. I think three (trim levels) Cadillac could pull off; they need to leave the base model to people looking to GMC or Chevrolet (JMO). All that being said, I was probably a 'hairs-breath' away from getting a GMC Acadia Denali.
  10. Total guess (and just relaying similar symptoms but with my '00 Intrigue); crankshaft position sensor. I know it is just a shot in the dark (but that's what happened to me).
  11. Kind of a vague question: "got no power". Have you no power (electrical) to the battery; normal if your charging system is charging your 'good' battery and the electrical power module is cutting the charge (because it is full). This, if you have certain models. You don't list your vehicle (or much anything else); help us help you.
  12. Bruce thanks, I learned something with this post; worked like a charm on my XT5. I had inadvertently lowered my Nav volume and didn't know how to get it back: voila, it's back.
  13. All's well that ends well; Escalade, bonus (cause that's the one he wanted and go to pick).
  14. I didn't read the full article, and it is good that Cadillac is doing well (on a world basis) but how is it doing on regaining its' foothold in North America (the U.S.); I feel that this is just as important (if not more) for Cadillac's future.
  15. Mike, nice run(s), both very close (and pretty darn quick). All that, and it looked like car control was excellent; great job.