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  1. Cadillac lagged across the board (for September) with XT5 the only bright spot. New stuff is coming but it just isn't coming soon enough. The Luxury segment is very dynamic; Cadillac seems to be a little 'spurty' (great stuff then they tend to let is stagnate a bit. The "V's" were/are terrific but not much new and they are giving the competition the chance to catch up and exceed in some cases. JMO
  2. Photobucket has gone from free photo hosting to charging 39.99/month; naturally a lot of users have forgone that expense (and thus are now getting that message).
  3. If you are looking for a dash cover, here's a link:
  4. There is a new Buick Regal GS coming out for '18; it is to have the HF (high feature) 3.6 L that is in the XT5. The Buick will also have a nine speed tranny; I can't see the Cadillac with less. The non-GS '18 Regal will have a four, so maybe the Caddy with also offer both (or maybe more) depending on trim level. Link on the new Buick:
  5. Johan D. announced that at the next model cycle, '19, that the XTS, CTS and ATS will yield to a new vehicle, called the CT4. And subsequently a new smaller sedan, I'm guessing CT2 or CT3 will be introduced. The alphabet soup sure is getting confusing.
  6. Johann has specifically denied that the CT6 is on the chopping block; I don't know if he was as candid for the XTS.
  7. I built one of these (in plastic) when I was a kid; never forgot how cool it was/is.
  8. Pretty slick; thanks for sharing that Bruce.
  9. Costco gas is toptier so that shouldn't have been your problem. Sometimes a nice highway stint will clear a 'stop and go run' vehicle of a lazy 'cat'.
  10. Your a/c compressor (clutch) is unengaged when the engine is off so you are not going to see that pulley locked-up with engine-off/belt off if you have an internally broken compressor. Do you recall whether the a/c produced cold air when you were running your test (and you were getting the squeaking belt scenario). Just some random thoughts; good luck with your repair.
  11. So does the new Denali leave room for the Escalade and shouldn't the Caddy have led with the announcement of the new 10 speed transmission. At least the Caddy should have led with the Denali a co-introduced model (like the XT5 and the new Acadia). Trickle down seems more appropriate when dealing with the Cadillac brand so I'm wondering how de Nysschen let this one slip. Or am I completely wrong and Cadillac has already announced something for the next Escalade (that I missed).
  12. Denali at 40plus is getting very pricey for this segment; I think GMC is pushing a little too much (price wise), it certainly isn't pushing for a feel good, more for the money, deal. Just an opinion.
  13. I've had three 3.6's, and while there have been reports of timing chains and increased oil usage, I haven't seen this with any of mine. Also, my daughter has a Saturn Vue with the 3.6 and has over 125,000 miles with no stretch or oil issues. My current LGX 3.6 (in an XT5) is too new to comment on; this iteration is probably not going to have the timing chain issues. My first 3.6 was in an '06 STS (LY7 engine) and mine never burned oil or exhibited cam chain problems. I traded in the '06 on an '11 STS (LLT engine) and again no issues (I lost my '11 to an accident; rear ended while stopped, so my time was cut short on that engine). The LLT engine (3.6 direct injection), I believe had addressed a stronger cam chain, so if you can get an '08 or later, in addition to more h/p 302 versus 255, the cam chain should be more stout as well. While not definitive, check for any engine codes (prior to buying), cam sensor errors would be an alarm of possible chain problems.
  14. I'm not a proponent of autonomous cars but I believe I could embrace the "supercruise" concept. Thanks for that clip Bruce.
  15. I have the XT5, and the stop/start can not be turned off, however, it can be defeated. I don't mind that the engine shuts off and restarts when the vehicle is at rest for an at least a modicum of time but it can be tedious in certain parking lot/stop sign stops/slow traffic situations/etc. The stop/start is very smooth (though fairly noticeable) as well. When I can anticipate an upcoming stoppage, that in all reality is going to be very very short, I will invoke the override. This is a tap on the shifter, which puts the tranny in manual mode (thus keeping the engine from shutting down). The only thing that is then required to resume normal cruising is to tap the shifter (again) to put the tranny back in automatic function.