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  1. Thanks for reading my post and for the information you gave me. Had a few Tech2 in mind but every time i asked a few? ?? There comeback kinda saced me dont mind spending money on tools but man i cant stand buying things on line. Man that makes me nerves. Hate to just give my $$ away. First time i bought anything was for my first infiniti. They sent me wrong front axle. I sent it back and they sent rite one. Still im nerves. Youre rite with that snapon it was nice my buddy letme use it but i got alittle nuts. so i just sed thanks but here take it home. i was trying to get manuals used s
  2. Just got a snapon solus 6.2elite from a buddy of mine sed i shud c wat i cud do. it has all hardware ,adpters,software set of all kinda keys to go into GM adpter.never worked with anything like this wow,have lota info i gota read started to put the vin # in and got alittle wild kept sayn no comunication yet. so i just stopped and sed i'll try again when im alittle calmer. put software in laptop it dos hv some info on my 2004xlr.hopefully when my brain starts workin i'll c where i can go with this. Anybuddy try using a Solus or somthing simular if ur reading this letme kno.
  3. hello hope u dont get upset but could use u xpertezzz again would this work for xlr if at the must couldn't i just get the rite card that fits in scanner for all the infomation for my xlr? Tehttp://www.obd16shop.com/upload/pro/201501/gm-tech2-self-test.pdfch2 Diagnostic Scanner for GM (Works with http://www.obd16shop.com/upload/pro/201501/gm-tech2-self-test.pdfGM/SAAB/OPEL/SUZUKI/ISUZU/Holden)r
  4. FIRST OF ALL THANKS FOR THE REPLY & info and ur second ?? im one of those guys that trys to do anything and everything my 84 yr old dads still the same way. so i gota get on my xlr. have water leak in engine somewhere got a feeling its gona break me down. i tell all my buddys that if it didnt look the way it dos . i wud drive rite into my river but the look kills me. once again thank you keith
  5. HI IM KEITH just was wondering if anyone reading this would know if the older model TECH2 in the tihe title will work on my 2004 xlr trying to save a buck instead of getting robbed. was hopong some one knows thanks for reading this keith
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