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I mean no disrespect when I say this. But you butchered BBF's original thread by allowing mhinchley the ability to split the discussion. In essence mhinchley hijacked BBF's thread and BBF's thread had to suffer because of it. The thread is jumpy and a bit too micro managed as well as the board as a whole. What I think should have happened is that all of mhinchley's posts should have been removed and the rest left alone. But only a suggestion if you're going to play the "Bruce Almighty" role. It's your board and your rules but the sense of fairness just got a size 12 boot upside the head on this one.

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Regis, I understand what you are saying but Bruce was just trying to keep my original thread on topic and he sent me an email stating so. I have no problem with it given how far that thread got off topic. Mike

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Splitting out the off-topic posts to a separate Topic certainly did not change the thread any worse than simply deleting them would have.

Micro-managed to me means when things are managed at too low a level. Luckily we have had to have only relatively rare posting pruning or moderation here.

To be clear, are you saying you would prefer more moderation of off-topic posts, or less?


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I thought the split was OK, considering that BBF specifically desired a narrow focus. As a bonus, the split itself provided a relevant new topic. Personally, I can envision more splits or sprouts as a means to encourage discussion.

I have asked for some "pruning" of an offensive post(s) recently and I believe the gardener's hand was quick on that occasion.

We should keep in mind that monitoring all the posts, routine administration and executing any actions - probably take up a significant portion of his day, every day?

Even when no one wanted extensive editing - as in the case of one member who had to have all his extensive posts removed for his own sake, the actions were decisive and professional - without non-essential explanations or hand-wringing.

On the few occasions where a member has to be banned or a position taken to some degree, it seems that the end results were perceived as "consistent and comprehensible".

I know that all of us appreciate Bruce's work. However, given the power as promoter, administrator, judge, jury and executioner - few of us would have the required expertise, dedication and most importantly - tolerance.

All IMHO, :)

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