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N* Design question


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I recently cleaned the phenolic spacers on my 94 Eldo . (115,500 miles) It seemed like quite a build-up of what, carbon? On the spacers themselves, the residue was more dry than not, but grooves on the heads were full of an almost tar like substance.

If I'm not mistaken, after 93-94 motors, the phenolic spacers disappeared because of a new design factor. Where does all of this crap go now or what did they come up with to make it vanish? I'll bet if I had saved all the scrappings and chunks, it would have compressed into a ping-pong sized ball. (with density)

Remember now, I'm not an engineer and just a shoe string mechanic.


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Post this question on cadillacforums, there is a GM tech there that might provide you with some insight on this. Its a good question that I am sure a tech familiar with the NS would know the answer to..

This thought has crossed my mind on occasion also when I see someone clean the spacers. The answer is probably due to a redesigned EGR system

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The passages were relocated for the '95+ engines to a location that does not lend itself to the buildup.

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