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  1. Kent what’s shaking anything good going on? How’s the cadillac ;) 

    1. barczy01


      test, test.. you doing ok?

  2. My 1998 Eldo, recently back from surgery(headgasket), has twice shown the service engine light warning, not on consecutive days. Activated the onboard and P0121/P0124 History appeared. Deleted codes to see if that removed the warning light. It does. I have the 3 volume service manual so I know what they are but I am not very tech smart . Any suggestions on how to proceed? Car has been running fine with the only thing I notice is that when at a stop there is a very minimal unevenness to the idle. Doesn't show on the tach . Thanks Kent
  3. I decided to go with a member of CaddyInfo,Brad (barczy01), to do my 1998 Eldo head gasket repair. I had talked to many people but after a few conversations, I felt this was the way to go. Hauled the Eldo down to B+B automotive in Indianapolis. Knew I had made the right decision after meeting him in person and seeing his place. I knew my motor had been replaced (found out after I bought it) and discovevered it had a N*9 motor now as opposed to the original Vin# Y motor. I made him aware of that. He kept me informed of the progress with pictures,texts and phone calls. Confirmed the motor was a N*9 out of a 197 Eldo/Deville/Seville and wanted to know should he continue. We had talked about this before regarding mixing the Y/9 combination. I said although there had been a few issues when I bought the Eldo in 2011, it ran good. I have quite a few posts here about this . kcd1184 Said keep going. Brad did the head gasket job, heater core, radiator, alternator, fuel rail, and many standard maintenance items. 50,000 miles since I bought it. Also said whoever swapped motors made a mess. Fixed everything and set everthing to specs . I took a bus down to Indianapolis Sunday and he picked me up at the bus terminal. Took me to my Eldo at his business and drove 300+ miles home . The Eldo runs like it has never run before. I had a 94 Y Eldo at the same time I bought this 1998. I always thought the 94 was a little quicker off the line. Not anymore. This 1998 is now stronger in every aspect. If I had to start all over again, even though it is a couple of long days down and back, I would go the same route.
  4. I believe so. It sounded like that he was offering a larger package than you for close to the same price. Proximity matters (cost) but you sounded like the gasket repair was strictly all you did. I have a heater core issue and some oil burnining on the exhaust system also. I spoke with Jim after I talked to you and asked him about Indianapolis and he asked if your name was B and said you two converse on occasion. I would not mind talking to you again. . Kent
  5. Did we talk earlier this week? 

  6. Anyone know anything about an Ebay listing located in PA for a N* Head gasket complete motor rebuild. I've talked to this guy, Jim, and he seems pretty staight up. I'm looking all over. Any comments on him or other suggestions?
  7. 2001 Any affect on the NorthStar performance and or mpg as opposed to a non smog motor? The one I am interested in is a ETC.
  8. Looking at a California Eldo. Are these NS motors modified to meet requirements?
  9. Rear suspension 1998 Eldo. Changed upper and lower knuckle bushings, sway bar bushings and link. Had to compress spring quite a bit to achieve correct design trim measurement for distance between lower control arm bushing center of bolt and outside lower knuckle bushing center of bolt. Is this normal? All suspension bolts were loose and weight had to be added ,to keep body from raising before measurement was attained. Torqued everything. Now wheel alignment is screwed up and height is off. What a can of worms.
  10. Nothing is spinning. Rubber seems tight in the arm although there are weather cracks. Really don't know what I am looking for. You could see how bad the upper knuckle bushing was. Just thought that since it was right in front of me that I would do a little preventive maintenance. The upper control arm was quite difficult to remove. Very tight on the left side, wedging between the trunk wall and upper air shock shroud(?) Squeezed shroud with a clamp and pounded out. I will call a dealer just to check, but it sounds like I will be putting the arm back in as is. Thanks
  11. I am working on the rear suspension of my 1998 Eldo. I am replacing (both sides) upper and lower knuckle bushings, sway bar links, sway bar bushings, and upper control arm bushings (arm to frame). I realized after completing the removal of one knuckle and replacing the two bushing, that I had ordered two different sets of knuckle bushings. One had said upper control arm bushings, but after re-reading the site now, it says it is for the knuckle. I cannot find a site on the web that sells Rear Upper Control Arm Bushings / Arm to Frame. Has anyone ever done this or heard of it. I don't need to replace the whole control arm (and I am just doing the bushings because I have everything apart already). I haven't been able to contact a dealership because it is Sunday. Any help will be appreciated. Kent
  12. I Found a DTC1234 in my Helms manual and same as you suggested, the speed circuit connection had come apart. Thanks for the reply. I haven't been here for a while.
  13. Just replaced left front hub on my 98 eldo. Did all the brakes and both outer tie rod ends. I am getting code tcs1234 now and I can't find the code page Ranger had posted on the old site.Where should I look?
  14. My son t-boned the 94 Eldo last night. Everyone OK so far. Passenger door, frame below door and back panel trash. I'm sure it will be totalled. Sad day for alot of reasons.