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1987 Allante Transmission

Ed Hall

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I'm thinking about buying a Cadillac Allante that has a bad transmission. I haven't seen it yet but the owner says that he recently had it rebuilt but it failed. He says that it doesn't shift into any gears. I did some research on this transmission and found that it is electronic and uses solenoids for shifting which I found surprising for a car this age. What is the chance that the problem could be a failed solenoid. Would a 1990+ electronic transmission from a seville/eldorado fit into this car. It would be nice to get a little better idea what I'm getting into before I buy this car.

Here's an article I found about the tranny:

When the Cadillac Allante was introduced, the 440

would not handle the torque of the V-8, so a special

version known as the F-7 was developed. It included

special sprockets, heavy duty final drive, special

fourth clutch, electronic controls, etc. A rare but solid

transmission if you can find one.


The 4.1L engine put out 170 hp which is less than the 4.9L found in the 91,92 seville/eldorado so maybe a transmission out of one of these would work.

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The following may be a better site for you with info on the Allante....


Just had a guy call this week about a '88 Allante. I think it may have a T7 trans....anyways. It appears the solenoids are no longer available from Cadillac or his local Napa etc....basically he was dead in the water...

We did find a transmission company in Dallas that still has the solenoids etc for the Allante transmissions.


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A very nice car but I think it would depend on the condition (other than the transmission) and the selling price. You already know you're looking at problems.

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