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'98 DeVille is freaking out

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My '98 DeVille has had the alternator,A/C compressor,idle and tensioner pulley replaced within the last 3 months. Anyways earlier today my brother was driving the car and said the brakes were not quite right, then when we went to drive it later we had to jump it off and it was not charging(it was getting 8-11 volts), then after that the ABS, traction control and airbags lights came on and the display started flashing and quite but came back on, the A/C blower was cutting on and off, and there was a noise comming from the engine compartment everytime the A/C compressor engaged (looked like it was seizing). It gave off these codes: b1983 v1152 b1147 b1148 b1327 b3108 v1300 . Does anyone have any idea of what's going on???

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Accessory belt slipping or broken? The accessory belt is on the passenger side of the engine compartment, and drives the power steering and alternator on your list, so would be a common thread.


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b1983- voltage low

b1152- SDM data area full

b1147- drivers aibag malfunction

b1148- passenger "

b1327- low current

b3108- transmitter sync failure

b1300- ?

Sounds like a major electrical malfunction.....

Bad battery

Bad Alt

Bad cable

Bad ground

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