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20+ HP promised


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They promise 20 hp gain, and improved fuel economy. I wonder what the value is? 10ohms, 100ohms, 1000ohms, or $0.00 dollars. ;)


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I belive that this is a false improvement, as it replaces an active sensor with a fixed resistence. But everyone should consider for themselves whether it fits in with their plans for their own car.

To research this, look at the values the system expects from the air intake temperature sensor, then replace the active sensor with a fixed resistence value which falsely indicates to the computer that the intake air is at maximum cold value. The theory behind the mod is that this will then cause the computer to advance timing, because it is expecting cold air, and make more power.

For me, I prefer to have the engine computer be able to take into account the actual incoming air temperature. But if you do test this, preferrably in a variety of atmospheric settings, please post your results.


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Well....Lets think about this for a minute.

Horsepower sells. Plain and simple.

A simple fixed resistor installation is far less expensive than an IAT sensor which it replaces.

As far as CTM goes,(cost to manufacture) one resistor per X million cars is a whole lot cheaper to the bottom line than one calibrated sensor per x million cars..

So...if they could have got more ponys for less bucks, why were they left in the barn?...C'mon. <_<

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I heard this doesn't work UNLESS you use it in addition to the Toronado Fuel Saver !!




Oh yeah, the Tornado. That's one of my favorites. Just goes to show you that if you market any product well enough, someone will buy it.

Of course the tornado is on the lowest end of the spectrum. The slicker your marketing, the more likely you will sell more product.

One of my favorites is K&N. They are really good at convincing people (especially young people) that if they only spend 70 bucks on an AIR FILTER, their cars will go faster.

Lucas is another good one. They seems to have a product that will amazingly "cure" nearly any automotive ill.

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I would also be extermely cautious about purchasing anything on eBay from a seller with zero feedback. If this seller has been scamming people before under a differtent seller name, it will take eBay awhile to get enough documention to shut him down. I'd stay away from this one.
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