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  1. Johnny, I believe that is true for the front pads, my problem was with the rears. Rick
  2. Dasher, I have the same feature on my '99, however, I would strongly recommed not to ignore the warning for too long. When mine came on I thought, OK next week is payday I'll take the car in then. Well, I found out that the rear sensors had already been worn through! Of course, these are a Dealer-only part and they were getting $30 each for them. Maybe mine weren't adjusted to come on as early as they should, but I certainly didn't expect them to fry that fast. Rick
  3. Spence, I have a set of Vogue "Tyres" that I took off my '99 the day after I bought it (see pic below). They have the embossed diamond in the white stripe and are almost brand new. I bought the STS on eBay, flew to Chicago to pick it up and drove it about 300 mi home the same day. I bought my Michellin Pilots at the Discount Tire store and they measured the tread depth on the Vogues at 9/16 on each tire. They are size P225/60R16 and I would take $500 for the four of them. Let me know if your interested. Rick
  4. Very sharp indeed. I would like to add an E&G grill also, but was having a tough time deciding between the silver and gold colors. After seeing yours, silver is the best look with the white diamond. BTW aren't you worried about where the emblem on your steering wheel will end up if the air bag deploys? Maybe that thought already occured to you and you have it super glued on.
  5. Hey Greg, Welcome to one of the best, most informative and friendly Cadillac boards around. To find the instructions your looking for go back to the main page and scroll down untill you see the link to the "How-to and FAQ" section. Click on that and the scroll down through the various sections untill you come to "Keys/Ignition" section. That link will take you to Tony H's website where you can find the programming instructions for many years/types of remotes. I have used these instructions myself and they are accurate and best of all FREE! Nobody wants to give the dealership a dime
  6. Go back to the CaddyInfo home page and scroll doen to the link for " How To & Frequently asked Questions". There you find a link to Tony H's web site. He has both OBDI and II codes broken down by type. Very handy, I have used it several times my self. Rick
  7. Bill's right, that is the quickest way to determine if it is a flat spot on the switch. Mine wouldnt move the drivers side out or the passenger mirror in. Good news, the replacement switches are inexpensive and just pop in and out. A cheap and easy fix-the best kind!
  8. I don't recall seeing any posts recently about vented battey replacement options, but imagine my surprise when neither GMPARTSDIRECT.COM or any local major chain (Sears, Auto Zone, Pep Boys, Murrays) carries a replacement battery for my '99 STS. What year did they first start putting the battery under the back seat? I know my '95 still had it under the hood. I sure that I'm not the first member to run into this situation, so I'm anxious to find out if there is an alternative to paying up the butt at the local dealership. What about one of those sealed Optimum jobs? Anyone go that directio
  9. You can also find them on eBay for around $100. One seller there will even customize them any way you want. They had a couple of different Cadillac logos, or you could get either Cadillac or STS embroidered on them. Just go to eBay Motors from their hompage and type "Cadillac floor mats" in the keyword search box and your in business. I was surprised by variety that was available there.
  10. Bruce, I don't know if this guy hacked into your site, but wanted to make you aware of what he is up to. Has any other Caddyinfo members been contacted that your aware of? I see he did post an introductory msg on the discussion board, so he is not back dooring as I first suspected but he is still sending unsolicited emails to members. Is this a common occurance between similar topic forums? Rick
  11. From certain angles, it does have an odd sense of porportion. In this shot, it looks totally different and quite attractive.
  12. D.B. I would be interested in knowing if the procedure was successful for you. I have also located another key fob on eBay but want to be reassured that this is something we can do ourselves. I have to go to the Dealer for another ignition pass key but I don't want to give him a nickel more than necessary. Let us know if it worked as described. THANKS!
  13. Well, join the club pal! I had similar experiences trying to find some one to install the selenoid kit on my '95 STS for a reasonable price. Most trans shops didn't want to do anything but sell me a rebuild for $1,500 - $2,000. Even shops that claimed to be familiar with the T480E's common problems wanted me to believe the trans had to be pulled to install the kit to the tune of $600 - $900. What was ironic was that two places that recommended a rebuild were well known chain stores with promenently displayd posters touting their mission statement and customer guarentees. These state that
  14. I know from reading a couple of threads on other topics that members of this forum have decided to go with the Arnott brand of passsive replacement struts. I have weighed the pros and cons of offerings from Boston Suspension, Strutmaster and Suspension Alternatves and unless I hear bad things about Arnott, I am chosing them. What I would really like is to hear from someone that has had a chance to put some miles on this brand. Nothing is better than hearing form someone who is currently using them. Arnott is not the cheapest but they have the resistors and wiring already on them. Did the '
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