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I found a 97 Deville D'elegance Sedan for $7950 at a local dealership. It has 72,233 miles on it. Anybody have a D'elegance? What makes it different from the base Deville? Should I talk him down any? I looked in N.A.D.A. and avg. retail is $10,350, makes me think something is wrong. I have already put in a question on oil consumption and leakage. What do you think? It is maroon/maroon.

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ALWAYS attempt to talk the dealer down on the price!!! You have nothing to lose.

I believe the d'Elegance version has a gold pinstripe molding as well as the d'Elegance emblem on each quarter panel.

Four illuminated vanity mirrors as well as memory seats were also standard. I also think the seats were more plush than the base DeVille but am not certain on that.

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Here is a nice summary for 1997; looks like the D'Elegance had a higher list of standard features -- better stereo, power seats, autodim mirror, compass, etc.



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