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Replacing bumper extensions

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Hi Bruce,

This article is very informative.  Thanks for posting it. Much appreciated.  Mine is an '89 Brougham RWD and is garaged. I will be checking with the body shop regarding the article.  I have not had a problem with the extensions so far but I only drive my Brougham on Sundays and am very careful about backing up. Of course if someone hits it from behind, that's a different situation.

FYI  Because I have an '89 Brougham RWD (big D Body) and had to change out the front fender power antenna, I  am going to pass along a few tips . There is misinformation about what to do and what not to do.  The factory service manual is not fully correct for removal of the power antenna.  It states in step 5 to remove the escutcheon which is false. Attempting to remove  the escutcheon could easily break the plastic tabs on it underneath on my '89.  You can pull the new antenna up into position through the escutcheon with a small long wire attached to the tip.   No, the fender does not have to come off. No, the wheel does not have to come off.  Just turn the front wheels all the way to the right so as to remove the lower fender piece to gain access to the "cavity".  What is tricky is reconnecting the lower antenna tab to the lower brace without help.  Feed a small long wire through the inner fender access hole with a loop at one end and "lasso" the tab to pull it back to the brace and then the bolt can be re-inserted. Then, tighten up the upper bolts.

I ran my car up onto 4    2x6's (2 each side) to raise the front of the car 3 inches for easier access.  Much better.

To protect the antenna from future hardships, I suggest not taking it through a car wash for fear of car wash pressure getting into the antenna and the possibility of the car wash "wipers" bending the antenna if it's in the up position.  (yes, my antenna was bent when I bought the car.)  I carry a piece of tape with me to cover the retracted antenna to prevent rain from entering it.  A little extreme I suppose but cheaper and easier than replacing the unit.


Keep up the good information!!

Dean. Babbitt

Tacoma, WA


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Common '80's Cadillac problem. The originals would just rot away. 

Replacements were being sold even before the Internet came along. Some are soft material....some are hard like fiberglass. 



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