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  1. Well, it would be a good idea to see where the wires go. They're not there for decoration. Then go from there. May be electrical.
  2. These cars wouldn't hold a candle to my '89 Brougham. I have people who want my Cad all the time. What a ride!!
  3. Hello, Is there a light bulb that can be replaced in the radio in my 1989 Cad Brougham RWD or do I have to shop for another radio??
  4. Hi Bruce, You take the cars. I'll take the broads!!! Dean!!
  5. Hi Bruce, I'm going to keep my '89 Brougham, thank you. It gets a lot of compliments and offers to buy. The ride is fabulous! It has shock absorbing chrome bumpers and a radio antenna that goes up and down!
  6. Hi Bruce, If I can get my new power antenna installed in my 89 Brougham, I'll be happy as a clam!!! Hi Tech is nice but I get a lot of compliments on my Brougham. What a nice ride! Dean.
  7. Ya, I'm not so sure the escutcheon even has to come out. The tip of the antenna is shaped like a hexagon and drops down into the escutcheon. I'm thinking the factory manual is vague on this step due to fact that there may have been changes. This one step has caused me a lot of angst. The manual instructions are straight forward. I'll probably just jack the car up some, remove the tip and remove the entire assembly from underneath as instructed. Thanks for all your suggestions and help on this. It's a hell of a lot easier to change the spark plug on my lawnmower!!!! Dean.BAbbitt
  8. I'm going to sit down and have dinner. Will be back after a while. Thanks folks for your responses. Much appreciated!!!
  9. No, there are no slits on the chrome ring. I felt that unscrewing the chrome ring would be the answer but it only moves counter clockwise about 1/8". I'm beginning to think the escutcheon is possibly held in place underneath the fender which would be contrary to the GM service manual.
  10. No Pics available but no, the mast is not broken. It is in the up position and I can only "nurse" it down about 4 inches and then it stops. Thinking of 2 solutions: Raise the car and drag the thing out in one piece or cut the antenna for easier removal which I don't want to do. The mechanism is "jammed" in the assy somewhere. Foul language does occur at times.
  11. Sorry, I don't have a camera phone to take good pics. I did see a '91 Brougham today that had the same escutcheon. It was at a repair shop. The mechanic thought that there might be a nut underneath the fender holding it. (the nut is probably me!) Anyway, he was not sure either. It may be a GM part that was superseded because I also saw it on the '91. If all else fails, I will unscrew the tip and drag the assy out from underneath. I'm just trying to keep from damaging the nice paint. I see no reason why the manual would specify removing the escutcheon except for more clearance. Thanx for the replay. Appreciated
  12. Thanks for the reply rockfanged. Mine appears to be black plastic with a chrome ring around it. I can get the chrome ring to move about 1/8". Is the chrome ring a locking ring? The factory manual states in step 5 to remove the escutcheon. I can get my finger nail under the the escutcheon but it does not pop out. This is an important step due to the nice finish of the car. On the other hand, why not take off the antenna tip and remove the unit with the escutcheon left in? Is it a matter of working space? Puzzled.
  13. This is a little frustrating. The Factory manual says to remove the escutcheon but the darn thing doesn't want to come out. Grrr.
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