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Good Lord I'm amazed I remembered my login credentials.

I joined here in 2009ish, when I needed tips for maintaining my '94 STS. I always liked this community. It was civilized, helpful, and direct.

Fast forward a decade, I may have the opportunity to get my hands on a '85 Fleetwood Coupe. I'm wondering if it's worthwhile. Backstory: it belonged to a late uncle, who loved his '81 so much that he bought the '85 when he found out the coupe would be discontinued, so that he'd have a brand new Fleetwood Coupe ready to replace his current one. He died before that happened though. And so the car sat. My grandparents got the mechanicals refreshed in 2000, then parked it in their barn, where it's sat ever since. Now that they're getting older, it's time to start cleaning out junk, and in the back corner of their barn, under various boxes and stuff, is a "brand new" 1985 Fleetwood Brougham Coupe with 800 miles on it.

The body fillers are toast. Obviously it'll need another mechanical refresh. It'll need new rubber everywhere. It'll probably need another coat of paint. There's no telling what rats and squirrels have chewed through. Last I checked the interior, about a year ago, it still smelled new. The leather seemed soft and plush, there were no obvious signs of rodent nesting, and the only thing that seemed out of place was the fallen headliner. I know it hasn't been wrecked or stuck together with Bondo. I know the HT4100 hasn't failed during operation, seeing how it wasn't even broken in to begin with. I'm assuming there's no cancer rust, although it's in swampy South Texas so who knows.

So I can potentially get my hands on an interesting car with a story and some family significance. Any idea how much it could cost to at least get the engine running? I figure I can take care of the cosmetic stuff a bit at a time. In the end, is it worth it to save the car, or should it go out to pasture?

No matter where you go, there you are.

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