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  1. Good Lord I'm amazed I remembered my login credentials. I joined here in 2009ish, when I needed tips for maintaining my '94 STS. I always liked this community. It was civilized, helpful, and direct. Fast forward a decade, I may have the opportunity to get my hands on a '85 Fleetwood Coupe. I'm wondering if it's worthwhile. Backstory: it belonged to a late uncle, who loved his '81 so much that he bought the '85 when he found out the coupe would be discontinued, so that he'd have a brand new Fleetwood Coupe ready to replace his current one. He died before that happened though. And so t
  2. I have no idea. But my dad told him to replace it. Nice of him to commit to spend my money like that without asking me first. Used transmission with 6 month warranty, plus swap with labor guarantee, comes to about $1000. It should be done by Friday. And so we get taken for a ride by the shop. And yes, I thought the mechanic's comment on the fluid was dubious. But at this point I've been budgeting and saving for this joyous event, and will just be glad to have it behind me.
  3. Well, yesterday a second opinion from an actual transmission shop still yielded bad news. The guy did say that both solenoids were bad and needed to be replaced. He also said that there was fluid in the base pan when it should have been dry, and to that end the tranny still needs to be replaced, electrical issues aside. No price from him yet. The initial mechanic said he'd do the swap for $250, and we've tracked down a used tranny for $450 with a 6 month warranty, but he's out of town for the next 3 weeks. Any tips on how to save money would be greatly appreciated, but from the sounds of
  4. I got my dad to slow down on his rush to replace the transmission, so we'll take it to an actual transmission shop and have them look at it. Apparently the guy didn't take the transmission apart and replaced something that bolted on to the side, so that sounds like a red flag to me. He started out looking for the solenoid kit at his parts supplier, and they didn't have it. Not sure why else it took so long. There were no symptoms before that I noticed. It drove fine, then it downshifted on the highway and stuck.
  5. The fluid, when cold, was just a drop at the very bottom of the dipstick. I added 2 quarts and it just barely got it into the acceptable range for cool tranny fluid. However, the reservoir didn't smell burnt, and the drip on the end of the dipstick was red and smelled like petroleum, didn't seem to be reason to worry about a burnt out tranny. He's just a mechanic, but apparently he knows his way around transmissions (again, so I'm told). He also had a hard time tracking the solenoid down (maybe hence the reason he only replaced one?) As for codes, when it first started this it set P094.
  6. not sure what codes it's setting, haven't gotten it back yet. he just replaced the one solenoid. but apparently his opinion is that the transmission is shot because i was driving with low transmission fluid (which i did confirm for myself before i took the car in--no red fluid on the garage floor, not sure what's up with that, but it's not good). i probably ought to make a trip out to pull codes and whatnot before okaying a $700 transmission swap, but my dad is pushing me to just do it and get it over with. would swapping the other solenoid likely fix the problem? if it's the same problem
  7. Update: it took the mechanic a week and a half to track down a shift solenoid. He finally got it and installed it, and now says it's still sticking in first. Any ideas what could be causing this besides the solenoid itself? Haven't heard anymore insights from the mechanic yet (other than he said it looks like the transmission has been serviced before, and that it looks like I'd been driving with the bad solenoid for awhile, both of which are news to me), the parts guy at work, in his limited opinion, says it sounds like an electrical or valve pressure problem, and I've got an uncle who's l
  8. Well, still have the Caddy for sale, but not with any sense of desparation because it's a better ride than the rental car. And then today on the highway it got stuck in 1st gear. I got P094 shift solenoid A problem. How easy a fix is this? I don't want to pour hundreds of dollars and lots of sweat into a car I'm trying to sell, but at the same time I can hardly sell it with that problem, nor can I afford to take the loss on it if someone were to buy it as-is. I'm feeling like none of these woes would have come up if I hadn't bought the Acura. Karma is a...well it's unpleasant anyhow.
  9. I average up to 20 in my '94 VIN 9 STS, usually around 17 or 18 combined city or highway. Could very well just be my car, and from all I've read in the past few months it probably is. Still, don't want to buy a new Caddy to find out it too has poor gas mileage. it's dicey from where i'm sitting.
  10. http://www.csmonitor.com/Business/Latest-News-Wires/2010/1026/BMW-recall-affects-150-000-vehicles.-Automaker-will-repair-faulty-fuel-pumps
  11. The whole reason I switched from the Caddy was to save on gas and maintenance costs. That's not to say that a newer Caddy would still run $80 a week in gas and leave me wondering when the next thing would go out, but I figured a Honda would give me a relatively worry-free few years and hundred thousand miles at 30 mpg since I don't have the time, money, or advanced mechanical know-how to keep an older luxury car in tip-top shape. And in other news, I halfheartedly listed the Caddy on ebay for extra exposure, and found I actually have a bid on it. Which means that in a matter of a week or so
  12. Well I won't have an estimate til Friday, but closer inspection of the car with knowledgeable people looks grim. along with the obvious issues with the airbag and the right rear suspension, looks like the frame was bent (there are dents along the left side even though I hit on the right, indicating folding). Most of the opinions I'm hearing are that it's probably totaled, which is a bummer because this car had everything I was looking for: sporty, powerful, economical, reliable, plenty of space for my needs, relatively low mileage and age, and affordable. At this point, any prospective rep
  13. So it's been raining all day. I was on the return leg of my 100 mile round trip commute to school, and hydroplaned at a notorious trouble spot in Sanger. Did a 360 on the highway and smacked into the center k-wall. Damage doesn't look that bad, but then I don't know the full extent of it, and the right side curtain air bag did deploy. Still trying to sell the Caddy, so I could have driven it. I've slipped at that spot before in the Caddy, but traction control helped me out. Moreover, at almost 4000 lbs it is a lot more stable. Anyhow, guess it's a good thing I still have it to get me ar
  14. Also, gotta say this. I jumped on a RSX forum to ask a few pre-purchase questions. That forum is run so poorly compared to Caddyinfo. In the intro bits where Bruce says this is intended to be a gentlemanly forum, there is none of that in the RSX forum. It's poorly organized, and threads go on for 20 pages or more with people arguing who knows the answer better and who's the bigger idiot etc. Maybe there's a better RSX forum out there, but that one was a bit of a shock for me.
  15. Thing is, my real gas mileage is 14-16 city and 19-21 highway depending on whether or not I run the AC. Granted I don't baby it, I drive with purpose and spirit, but it's not like I WOT out of every stop, and rarely go above 80 on the highway. And taking on a new car will mean I'm not saving money month to month until it's paid off, but if it means less of my money goes to Exxon et al I'm okay with that. I do enjoy the power my Caddy affords me, as well as its size and presence on the road, but it's less than practical for me right now. Again, looking forward to getting a new or lightly us
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