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Should I buy a Tech 2

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I thought there were a few conversations on this already but I was not able to find much while searching.  Anyway I am thinking about buying a tech 2 but have a couple of questions.  First is how technical is the tech 2, in other words can someone who has been a shade tree mechanic use one of these without a lot of research/training?    Which one do I buy?  Should I look at clones or GM's?  Where should I buy it (ebay, amazon)?  What is a good price right now?

I was surprised to find the dealership no longer has a tech 2, does that mean there are a lot of good used ones to buy?

Thanks in advance.   

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It depends.....is it for your '98 Deville? Is that your only GM car? What do you want to do with one?

By far most listed on eBay, Craigslist and Amazon are clones. The clones are toss away tools.....so if it goes bad....you'll be tossing it. But if you can get one for $200...why not? 

The fire sale on real ones was 10 years ago when the GM dealers were closing. I bought two of those.

The Tech 2 is being phased out....2013 is the last year of coverage for all of GM.....some models phased out starting in 2010. 

The replacement is the MDI which is a laptop based setup. Their are MDIs and MDI2 units. And again....a few real ones...most are Chinese clones. 


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Yes its for the 98 deville and also 2004 deville.    Currently I am working on a EBTCM problem on the 98 Deville.  I had it at the dealer and asked them to try and reset a c1255 code with a tech 2 as apparently a tech 2 will sometimes reset this code where other code readers will not.    Its my understanding that  a tech 2 will also read sub codes which apparently a c1255 has many.   Anyway the charge was $180.00 for scanner time and still don't know if there were sub codes.   If I can get a tech 2 for a few hundred I certainly would.   Oh I also get the dreaded po300 occasionally and it sounds like the tech 2 would hone right in on which cylinder is causing this.    

If there would be a large learning curve I am not sure I would be interested.   If I do decide to buy one where can I get one that is not on Ebay, amazon or craigslist (in other words non clone)?    Any idea what  a good price would be for the oem?   As long as the clones work are they OK?


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Ok......sounds like it would be a good tool for you. Some folks think you can reprogram and play with the PCM software etc.....like change engine timing or turn on cooling fans sooner.....or change the mileage etc. You can't.

If you have used other scan tools......you should be ok. 

There are no doubt more clones out there than real ones. If you get a clone and it dies.....thats it. No support at all and Bosch is certainly not going to mess with it. 

I always had one around (real one) with my 2001 Deville .....I can't imagine having one of those and *not* having a Tech 2 nearby. 

I attached some Tech 2 pics




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More..second picture is a fake unit with "Useforgm Corp" brand label....cute. Most fakes will have a Bosch, HP or Vetronix label with it.  

The fake units are fake. Originally built to fool people. You buy a GM Tech 2 on eBay for a couple of thousand bucks.....you think your buying a real one....until it quits. Of course you want to get it fixed ...only to find out it is really a counterfeit unit. By then....the seller was gone and your money was gone. 

Because that scam was exposed is why the fakes now sell for only a couple hundred bucks.




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