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Try a different ignition key.

If that does not resolve the issue then very likely the vats harness that runs from the ignition cylinder is bad.

The wires run down the column and are very small. They break behind the cylinder where the column moves up and down.

If that is the issue then there are 2 solutions.

1. replace ignition with harness.

2. delete the vats system by soldering a resistor inline under the dash. (not hard to do)

Just need to know your resistance value and cut the 2 white wires at the plug under the dash

solder the resistor between the 2 white wires, and voila. No more problems

Part image


Nice, clean, luxury= fine automobile

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I have soldered resistor between two mires enased inside orange wire at column just under dash. Left keyswitch wites undone. Ohmed out the key to get match on resistor. Had wrong one at first and it said remove key wait 3 minutes ohmed again and place 4.75 ohm resistor. No longer says wait 3 minutes but does say theft deterrent problem cay may not start. Any ideas? Please

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have you cleared the codes yet?

Does it start or just shut off still?

I am guessing if the issue is still occurring the resistor is installed at the wrong side of the harness or it is the wrong resistor.

Do you have a second key you can get a ohm reading from?

Did you confirm the resistor itself matches the key pellet.

The way it typically works is that if the problem is seen during driving it will disable the system and run normally. But it will continually show that the car may not restart every time it is started.

If it sees it on startup it will not start until it sees the proper resistance. 

Do you know how to pull and clear codes onboard using the Climate controls?

Under your radio at the climate controls you would hold the off and passenger warmer buttons for 3 seconds.

all codes will display for each module one at a time.

If you can please record and post them all here.

The theft deterrent iirc is about halfway through the modules


Nice, clean, luxury= fine automobile

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You need to go measure the key again. 4.75 ohm does not sound correct. I would suggest using a DVOM.

Maybe you mean 4750 ohms?....Or maybe 4.7 K ohms? 

There are 15 different GM key resistor values. See attached chart. If you are within about 10% of the actual value you should have no problems. 

You solder the resistor across on the vehicle side of the VATS harness.  


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