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Anyone actually have to get their ECM replaced?  My mechanic was saying that when he tapped it all the electrical issues I had went away..I can get a plug and play ECM preprogrammed for under $100..I don't want to replace it if not needed..I've rarely heard of an ECM going out..Anyone else?

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They can go bad.

They take alot of abuse.

But before you replace it I would suggest removing and cleaning the connectors and grounds.

What are your symptoms?


Nice, clean, luxury= fine automobile

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That's what I mentioned...I agree,the connections need to be checked and cleaned..Tap it to make it work sounds more like a connection thing.ECM's rarely go out..But,If I need one,I know where to get it.

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Got to remember we are dealin' with aging electronic parts that are shaken and beat on with every use of the vehicle.

Broken soder joints are most common.

I still gotta tear apart my old climate control unit to eyeball a failure of the LED readouts.

But it still will control the HVAC actions/doors/fan so keep it for a emergency!


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