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  1. I'll pressure test it.Oh well,could be a lot worse.Any suggestions where to buy one?
  2. It's in front,pass.side.It's dripping down from the right corner of radiator bracket.The lowest thing under the front of the car.The pass side end.
  3. Coolant leak is on pass. side..I have a second key and it does the same thing...I just got a radiator pressurizer today.I'll take a good look tomorrow....Do you know anything about the emission evap system vent control?
  4. I agree with you.Only if absolutely needed...The only current or pending code is P0446...evap emission system control vent..If you know what to do about that,I could use the help. Otherwise lots of history codes...There was one B2711..open circuit pellet key used after good key...That was in history.So,that might be what's going on...I only get the wait 3 minutes like 1 out of 10 start attempts...I'll live with it till it gets worse..I know the fix....I have not disconnected the battery,that's what started all this.....My main problem is I'm leaking coolant overnight..I have a drip pan underneath and it varies from a half pint to a quart in the morning....I'm going to put dex cool in and the tabs...How many tabs do you put in at one time?? Thanks for your help...
  5. OK,just weird that this only started the day the battery was changed...I've read about the fix..Only question I have is anything different because it's an 02?Still two white wires in an orange covering? Thanks for your help,I'm sure I'll be asking more questions.
  6. Thanks for the offer.I already bought a resister pack.I'm wondering about the fact that the issue started with the battery being disconnected and reconnected.There is more to the theft system than the key,lock cylinder and resister..I spoke with a mechanic on the phone and he said "it" needs to be reprogramed.I don't know what it is he wants to program.I'm going to bring in the car to him and see what he's talking about. He gave 2 prices.$100 to reprogram or $300 if he had to replace a circuit board?
  7. Hi all,My new (to me) 02 Eldorado started giving security light and warnings "car may not start","wait 3 minutes" after the battery was disconnected and then reconnected.One mechanic said he needed to reprogram.Not sure what he would reprogram.Next mechanic said Vats key by pass.I can do the by pass myself..I know there are more than just the key that can be the issue..Being that this started with the battery being disconnected,which problem do you guys think it might be.All suggestions welcomed.Thanks.
  8. New Guy here.I owned a 96 Eldorado years ago and loved it.It was stolen.I bought an 03 Mercury Marauder brand new.I drove it for 13 years.I did a lot of modifications to that car,very fast..In 2016 I bought a new Challenger,V6 305HP.I never really adapted to the car and wanted that Caddy ride....I just bought an 02 Eldorado.Love it..It needs some love..I'll be asking questions for sure.Thanks for having me.