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  1. Get these from Ebay.It has all the different resistor key values.https://www.ebay.com/p/Directed-Electronics-652T-GM-VATS-Bypass-Kit/2254304309?iid=113534117264
  2. P1106 just popped up.It's an intermittent high voltage to the MAP sensor..What would cause this? Is it a vacuum leak somewhere?? Where to start looking? 02 Eldorado ESC
  3. When I got my 02 Eldo it had a few burns on the drivers A pillar...I tried some SEM color coat but,it doesn't match...On the RPO sticker it has 154 which I've seen labeled med. slate gray.I've also seen it called shale..I tried shale.No go.Too brown..I decided to just buy a yard of headliner fabric and recover it..I can't find med slate gray fabric..Anyone know where to get it?
  4. Best possible out come...The rear fan was on..I turned it off and Voila..All's well that ends well..Thanks..
  5. I hear you but,either I never noticed it before or it just started..It's a new sound.I thought when I pushed off,the system went off?
  6. Since I had electrical work done on my Eldo,the blower motor is always on low.The HVAC is off but you can hear that motor going.When I shut the car off,no more fan..Something got hooked up wrong I'm guessing..The turn signal switch is what was worked on..Where to look about this fan running issue?
  7. That's what I mentioned...I agree,the connections need to be checked and cleaned..Tap it to make it work sounds more like a connection thing.ECM's rarely go out..But,If I need one,I know where to get it.
  8. Anyone actually have to get their ECM replaced? My mechanic was saying that when he tapped it all the electrical issues I had went away..I can get a plug and play ECM preprogrammed for under $100..I don't want to replace it if not needed..I've rarely heard of an ECM going out..Anyone else?
  9. I did the resistor by pass fix first thing.When I got the car the "wait 3 minutes" message came up every so often...Funny thing is,when I found the correct wire it had already been "jumped" with a resistor..One end of that wire had a bad connection.I replaced the resistor with a new one..Works good now..
  10. The project is complete..I brought it in to a shop and paid some else to do it for me...Much easier..
  11. Hi,I bought some on Amazon,rockauto and Ebay...I happen to have a brand new switch for the pull down motor.The paddle switch..I'm asking $35 shipped 1st. class..The gear was plastic.It is included with "some" pull down motors on ebay.. I just got my Eldo back from the shop.They put a new turn signal/hazard switch in for me..I'm glad I didn't try to do that one myself..It took the guy all day..Anyway,between those 3 sites I mentioned you can get almost any part..https://www.ebay.com/i/263995500075?chn=ps. This is the one I bought.
  12. I brought my car in to have the turn signal switch replaced..Is the theft deterent wires on that switch? I have those wires jumped with a resistor.Will that affect the new switch??
  13. OO RAH,Put the new gear in and tightened it up,installed it and BINGO.It's working..Thanks for your help..
  14. How do you get the switch to fit on plastic part of motor assembly so that the contacts on switch actually fit over the contacts on assembly??Do you have to open up the 2 double contacts? I'm afraid to press down too hard and break it..
  15. I'll keep that site in mind.I already bought the motor assembly,paddle switch,gear nut.So,all pull down parts are new AC Delco parts..The next is the lid switch..I'm going to check the wiring and take it from there..I don't see that switch on the site you sent...Rockauto has an AC Delco switch for under $20 shipped..
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