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Just wondering if the '95 Seville has any vacuum operated HVAC or parking brake actuators, or are they electric? I have a small vacuum leak, I suspect is under the dash, as the idle is slightly high. Is there any vacuum to the transmission ? I repaired one vacuum leak at the PVC valve grommet; found it with my homemade smoke machine. Thanks.

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Its usually a leak at the parking brake release for certain model, years!

PVC leak hmmmmm............N-star or v-6?



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Its not that nobody knows but rather they may have missed the thread like I did or just didn't relate to it.

So there is vacuum to the dash. Green line IIRC. It goes from the passenger side over to the driver side to the parking brake release actuator.

There should be a vacuum controller for the HVAC as well. Black is the input, multicolor outputs.

As for the transmission. If it were to be vacuum modulated there would be one to the modulator at the front of the transmission


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