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HeadGasket Job Done 1998/1997 Eldo


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I decided to go with  a member of CaddyInfo,Brad (barczy01), to do my 1998 Eldo head gasket repair. I had talked to many people but after a few conversations, I felt this was the way to go. Hauled the Eldo down to B+B automotive in Indianapolis. Knew I had made the right decision after meeting him in person and seeing  his place.  I knew my motor had been replaced (found out after I bought it) and discovevered it had a N*9 motor now as opposed to the original Vin# Y motor. I made him aware of that. He kept me informed of the progress with pictures,texts and phone calls. Confirmed the motor was a N*9 out of a 197 Eldo/Deville/Seville and wanted to know should he continue. We had talked about this before regarding  mixing the Y/9 combination. I said although there had been a few issues when I bought the Eldo in 2011, it ran good. I have quite a few posts here about this . kcd1184  Said keep going. Brad did the head gasket job, heater core, radiator, alternator, fuel rail, and many standard maintenance items. 50,000 miles since I bought it. Also said whoever swapped motors made a mess. Fixed everything and set everthing to specs . I took a bus down to Indianapolis Sunday and he picked me up at the bus terminal. Took me to my Eldo at his business and  drove 300+ miles home . The Eldo runs  like it has never run before. I had a 94 Y Eldo at the same time I bought this 1998. I always thought the 94 was a little quicker off the line. Not anymore. This 1998 is now stronger in every aspect. If I had to start all over again, even though it is a couple of long days down and back, I would go the same route.

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Kent thanks again. Can't say enough how clean of a car it is and how well it drove after I finished the work. With the NS300L inserts and the 3 year/ unlimited mileage warranty your good to go for a long time. Thanks again. 

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A good Northstar will be incredible.

and around 96 with the introduction of OBD2 they seem to be better tuned.

It  is so glad to see others wanting to keep these Cadillacs going.

Excellent post


Nice, clean, luxury= fine automobile

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