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so i'm driving my 95 deville down i-90 at 70 mph when, without warning, the engine just shuts down. no power steering or brakes. i get it to the shoulder, dodging traffic and it fires right back up. a couple of hundred feet down the road, just long enough to get back up to speed it happens again. i get it home safely and while investigating find there are no codes and no indication of what happened or why. further investigation revealed that i was almost 2 quarts low on oil. i knew it was getting close to an oil change but i didn't realize it was that low as the idiot light never came on. i also didn't know that the 4.9 will shut down when low on oil to minimize damage. sorry for the rant. i learn something new every day with this car.

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Welcome to Caddyinfo.

I am thinking that is not what caused your engine to shut down.  I could be wrong though. was it on the stick at all?

When it shut down did you still have lights and gauges? or did everything go dead

If this was a northstar 2 quarts would not even affect it.



Nice, clean, luxury= fine automobile

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