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  1. Nope, no note, no cameras. How do you back into a car you're parked parallel to? In all my years of driving I've never been able to do that (even though I've wanted to on occasion).
  2. It's a shame that so many states issue a drivers license to so many thoughtless, anal retentive morons. It's sorry to see modern human society placing making a buck over individual safety. Here is what parking at Wally World can get you:
  3. trashtruck


    Thank you WalMart
  4. SOLVED: issue had nothing to do with the oil. after digging a little deeper i found the distributor wasn't getting constant 12v due to a bad connector.
  5. no, mine has the 4.9 non n*. all lights and gauges work when it happened and i suppose it could be something else, the oil was the first thing i noticed.
  6. so i'm driving my 95 deville down i-90 at 70 mph when, without warning, the engine just shuts down. no power steering or brakes. i get it to the shoulder, dodging traffic and it fires right back up. a couple of hundred feet down the road, just long enough to get back up to speed it happens again. i get it home safely and while investigating find there are no codes and no indication of what happened or why. further investigation revealed that i was almost 2 quarts low on oil. i knew it was getting close to an oil change but i didn't realize it was that low as the idiot light never came on. i also didn't know that the 4.9 will shut down when low on oil to minimize damage. sorry for the rant. i learn something new every day with this car.
  7. SOLVED. one of the plastic vacuum lines had a crack causing erratic idle. Now timed great @ 9.5 btdc and idling smoothly @ 625 rpm. Thank you for your help. I now get to spend the rest of the week playing with the exhaust.
  8. Hi all. I'm having some trouble with my new to me caddy. I recently posted that my distributor went south and I needed to replace it. I'm still struggling with the timing but I'm getting closer. The distributor has all new components and is drop in ready. The reason I'm having trouble timing it is the idle won't stay steady when warm. When cold car starts right up and idles @ 800 rpm. When warm and I can get it to start the idle drops and fluctuates between 500 & 700 rpms. I also noticed that rpms surge when I hold my foot steady on the gas pedal at any rpm. I pulled the following codes from the dic: p031, history, shorted map sensor, p053, history, distributor signal or reference signal interrupt from icm, p065, current, sps signal problem (cruise control). Also the flange rotted off the "y" pipe so currently there is no exhaust connected. At first I thought idle control motor then started to think fuel pressure regulator but now think it may be wiring or pcm? what do you all think? thanks
  9. update: yay, it starts! still needs a little more work on the timing but it's running now. thanks for your help.
  10. ok, so i'm hoping that i've solved my problem, i'll know when the battery finishes charging. when installing the distributor the teeth have to align with the cam but at the base it also needs to align with the shaft for the oil pump which i couldn't get right so it was always "off". now when i install i align the rotor for #1 and turn the oil pump shaft till every thing is right. maybe she'll fire soon?
  11. thank you tech. new distributor is complete, ready to use. new gear, pin, cam sensor, icm, cap, rotor, coil. old distributor had a cap held on by bolts, not the pins that get turned. i must not have it in right. i will check again. am i correct with the following procedure: find compression stroke set timing mark to "0" install distributor with rotor pointing directly at #1 jump pins "a" & "b" on the aldl connector install timing light start car and allow engine to reach operating temp adjust timing to "10" degrees btdc car will not start so i cant set timing.
  12. Hello all. Newbie here with a couple of questions. I recently inherited a 95 Deville with the 4.9l and 180k on the clock. Drove the car home. Checked for codes and got p041 and i039. Checked the suspension and po replaced rear shocks with Monroe so not worried about that. I checked the distributor and believe it to be oe so I went to take the cap off only to find ALL the hold down bolts were rusted and stripped so the cap isn't coming off. Purchased new distributor and believe it to be installed correctly but now getting code p012. Also, now there is no fuel pressure @ the rail so that might be either a relay or the pump? All fuses are good. I have also noticed that some one has been into the anti theft as several wires are not attached to any thing but the security light goes out and the car was running like this so now I'm confused. Car cranks but will not start. Any help is appreciated, thanks in advance.
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