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Hi all.

Pulling my hair out. I swapped the HU on my 1997 Deville non bose, 11 speaker, Active audio. 

The HU I installed was from a 1998 Concours. A few things to note about the 98 model year

1998 is the first year for THEFTLOC in Cadillac

1998 is also the first year for the RDS Radio option.

So when I swapped out the unit from the 1998 to my 1997 that was not Theftloc it just had to be cleared as it learns the vin from the vehicle it is in. So Basically once I installed that head unit in my 1997 and cleared the vin,  It then learned my vin and works beautiful. I love the RDS radio, especially for traveling.

But I am looking to do the same for my 1997 Seville. Only difference is that it is Bose. I am not having good luck. 

I am thinking the only year that will work in it would be a 1998. The problem is that there are so many different units that all look the same. All plug in the same, but wont even function at all. 

Now I know 2000 ish started a different communication and that will not work with my 1997. I have 2 RDS radios at the moment. Both are Bose but neither function at all.

One is from a 2001 DTS

other is from a 1999 STS.

I am trying to get a breakdown of the numbers on the sides of the units to see what the compatibility is. I believe the number I need is  09354786. 

I think the only radio unit that will work is that of a Eldorado as the Deville has a different system than the Eldo and the Seville, and the Eldo is the only one that kept the old body style til 02. And judging by the datalink change around 2000 that leaves me only 98 or 99 eldo...

I am sure I am not the only one who has done this lol. 

I have no idea why GM has so many different part numbers for these units that all look the same. I can understand 2 or 3 but I have lost count of how many I have found that look identical but all have very different part numbers.

attached is the unit I just bought today, I might add both units I have are near mint/mint which considering I have seen many of them is pretty rare


radio 2.jpg


Nice, clean, luxury= fine automobile

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Recall the 1998 Seville was an all new design, so not simply a newer 97.  I would guess a head unit from a pre-00 deville might be more likely to work than a Seville as the deville didn't get refreshed until 2000.


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I know the new body style for the Seville is 1998. 

That is why I figured the Eldo was the only other one. The Deville system is questionable because it is a bit different than the Eldo and Seville. 

I got spoiled by the one I put in my Deville, wish I had it on long trips


Nice, clean, luxury= fine automobile

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So I have gotten nowhere yet.

I did not want to but I pulled the one that I put in the Deville to get the part number and it is 16266916. 

It is RDS, DSP, Active Audio, without Bose

I researched that part number and although it came out of a 1998 Deville it shows that part number is not compatible with a 1998 Deville. 

That is a Bose HU. I am thinking that part number is going to be compatible. I suppose I could have swapped that HU into my Seville to see if it at least powered up but it would lock because of the different vin.

So far since yesterday I have found at least 12 different part numbers of units that all look Identical. Most are listed 1998-2002 but that is not correct at all.

Further research leads me to believe The Deville and Seville 1998 only will work. 1999 Seville shows different, Eldorado shows different than the others period.

If I can figure this out I will do 2 writeups in case anyone else wants a nice upgrade.

Note. I also found a few repair facilities that have been adding a aux port to the front of the unit. Would really like that as I rely solely on my satellite radio on road trips and would like a direct connection

Update. I may have found some luck. It seems that the part# 16266926 is the same HU but with the Bose Option.  So that looks to be the one I need for the Seville. I hope. 


Nice, clean, luxury= fine automobile

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Does anyone happen to know a site that shows interchange on GM numbers.

It seems these superceded multiple times.

I called local dealer and this is what  I was told. They only could give me the latest number and none of the older numbers for each one I gave them

09354806 new number is 09380796

16266926 new number is 09354806. Dont know what numbers it was in between though. Makes no sense. . So basically 6926 was replaced by 4806, but 4806 was replaced by 0796, none of these 3 will work with mine

Now the 16266916 was replaced with 09374526. There again no idea what other numbers it could have been.  Now that last number does match what I need for option codes but I cannot seem to find one with the right numbers. I find some of this unit that have Bose tag, and others with no Bose tag but both have the same number.

I knew this would be difficult but this is horrible. Lol. Good thing I dont give up easy



Nice, clean, luxury= fine automobile

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Well dont know if anyone has been following this but I have figured it out and it is done.

For the record

1996-1999 Deville Active audio. (has the DSP controls on the display)

1996-1999 Deville`Bose System

1996-1997 Seville same as Deville

Base radio option is incompatible period any year

Now these units are the same between the Bose system and the Active audio system other than one difference, The fact that one has Bose on the front and one does not (both have different part numbers)

All of the Faceplates are the same all the way up to 2003 or so. 

The part numbers is 16266916 which supercedes to 09354796.

It took literally hours to figure out all of the different numbers I found, But unfortunately these particular ones are harder to find, likely because they were still new in those years.

So anyway I did the install in my 1997 Cadillac SLS. I am pleased to say that the unit is completely plug and play minus the trip to the dealer to clear the vin. (5 minute job flat)

I also installed the Isimple auxillary input so now it has aux.

This is the first modification I have done to my Seville and what a nice upgrade it is

I tested everything on the unit and the aux input, all works great, no bulbs blown, unit is mint. All original equipment still works fine. Phone still works (no service of course)

memory personalization is even better with this unit as it is catered to each user via the memory recall

The radio has DSP, RDS, Full weatherband,, full traffic info, it even sets the clock via the RDS. 

I am very thrilled that all came out perfect. So now both of my 97 Cadillacs have theftlock, and top end units

I have to finish putting the console back together but my work schedule gets crazy

If anyone is interested I can do a clean writeup on it





Nice, clean, luxury= fine automobile

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Here it is in my 97 Deville:hatsoff:

Has a few tiny marks as seen in the pic.

I might add that these units are very hard to find mint. For some reason the buttons get badly worn, especially the seek buttons



Nice, clean, luxury= fine automobile

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Nice job.   So after all your research and hard work am I understanding you correctly that a Bose system will work in place of a Delco system?  For example I have a 1998 Concours with the non-bose RDS radio (which I love)  can I replace this with any of the Bose or Delco radio from 98-01?    Only reason I want to replace it is the tape deck quit working, I have a lot of tapes but that was also used for my AUX out :-)..

Also what does the Active Audio do (I am not sure if I have that or not) and can you explain the new AUX adapter you installed from isimple, is it just something that goes on the antenea cable, fm modulator?

Thanks in advance.

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the number for the 98 Concours should be 

16266916, 09354796 either number will work. The later is the newest number for the unit. 

That is the one you want. If you have the DSP option which would be on the right bottom of your original unit then you have active audio.

I bought the Isimple IS31, IS335, and the 2 antenna adapters to adapt for the GM antenna.

The unit also has a cd player.

I absolutely love them. Like a world of difference. They are a fine touch of luxury. 

Both of mine have been working flawlessly and love the aux input on the Seville. I always wanted it but didnt want to do any modifications

To be sure it is understood Compatibility is not 98-01. It varies by model.

Year 2000 uses a different data communication and will not work on the older model


Nice, clean, luxury= fine automobile

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  • 8 months later...

I just pulled one of my caddys out for the season and immediately noticed the different radio. 

These are incredible. I am so glad  I researched and figured out it was possible. 

The sound systems that mine have are far superior to any other vehicle I have had.


Nice, clean, luxury= fine automobile

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