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98 seville 3rd Brake light


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according to the site for yours it will be 325 for the light

The quote I got was in Canadian dollars so, I guess it is not that far off! I probably would not pay that price anyway! Logan diagnostics rebuilds them or what ever! I would probebly do it that way and save some money. I dont know if they do the 98+ Sevilles! Good Luck............... :D


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The 98-04 lamps are different then the 92-97 lamps.

All 1998- mid 2001 lamps leak water. Any used or ebay 1998-mid 2001 lamp will have the same problem. The water causes so much damage they cannot be reliably rebuilt.

The real only good lamps are the mid 2001 and newer lamps.

$260 + shipping (very high) at www.gmpartsdirect.com .

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