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  1. its not even a scam it says right on the spedo in small letters km/h lol
  2. im thinkin he changed his spedo to km's and hour judging on the fact it says km/h right on it......
  3. I just ordered the part in 111.47 plus tax... I was pretty happy with that because im thinking the 100 dollars you guys were talking about was in american? I am going to get a guy that my dad no's who specializes in transmissions to put it on this weekend at his shop. Thanks for all the help and I just hope this definitly fixes the problem.
  4. Yes if I deside to try doing it myself I will for sure.
  5. Where can I buy the kit? The dealership? is there anywheres cheaper than the other. Also was wondering if anyone has or nos where theres any diagrams of how to get at them.
  6. I pulled the coades i got P094 meaning Transaxle Shift "A" Solenoid Problem (Vehicle Speed Sensor) if any one could explain what this means that would be great. I also got S073 ................................................ Right Rear Accelerometer Fault which also means?? Thanks for the help guys. This is what my seville did and it was the shift solenoids. It would slip as it shifted into 4th and eventually will only work in 2nd, changed the solenoids and all was fine. How much and how hard was this to do?
  7. I was driveing on the highway today on my way back from the beach with some freinds the car was working fine and i pulled in to get some gas, After leaving the car shifted fine through first second and third but when i hit over drive the car reved up and wouldnt move as if it was in neutural... So I pulled over and shut it off work again till i hit o/d, so I had to drive all the way home with the gear selector in 3rd i got home just not with very good gas miledge but i need to get the problem figured out does anyone no what it is it just kicks out and the service engine soon light comes on till i pull over and shut the car off..... Any input would be great ill have to do it again and pull the coades off it while the ses light is still on.
  8. I dont understand what you guys mean by night vission? when would this come in handy do you not need headlights?
  9. So I need a coat hanger to get the seats off? I would also like to clean up all the grimmy filth that has accumulated under there over the years.
  10. Well I made a bit of a mistake today i was cleaning the car and I dropped my keys, they fell through the hole were the seat belt is and I cant reach them withouht takeing off the seat... Does anyone know how to take out the back seats I have been trying for the last half an hour with no luck. Any help would be very appreciated.
  11. Mine does the exact same thing its usually only on damp cold winter mornings in the summer I rarely will hear it is it the same with yours?
  12. Well Im not just goin to buy a car for 4 thousand I have some money saved up as well you say you want 6 for your gtp I prusume that american though???
  13. Well for those of you that mentioned the problems in the winter I bearly drive in the winter now because I only work in the summer and on the weekends im always out to a party or something where i am to impared to drive So really the only time I drive in the winter is to go to school and back, and my parents have already told me I can use there cars for that. Its the summer that I almost live in my car so thats no problem at all. As for civcs and toyotas there nice cars and all but when I pull up to a light beside someone I like it when 9 times outa 10 I no that I can take them it just makes me feel better about the car i'm driveing Im not sure what Im going to do I think I will put the Cadillac for sale 4,000 canadain and if it doesnt sell by the summer I will keep it and start fixing some of the little rust spots and things that bug me maybe stick some wheels on it and even paint it someday.....and your right I will have to fix anything I buy its just nice to no that that there are mustangs and camaros in the junkyards just waiting to have good parts pulled off them when I would need them, but STS's are fairly rare around here. What kinds of cars did you guys have for your first car? That question should get quite a convorsation going