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"Ten minute fast flush"


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Good Day all,

I have lived with a non functioning heater since purchasing my used fleetwood. I have decided to address the repair after finally getting over some other expensive repairs of the past year.

I consulted with my mechanic about the potentially clogged heater core (he had previouslydiscounted air mix door with testing). He suggested trying a product called "ten minute fast flush" in the cooling system to loosten things up in the heater core...drive around for several days with it and see if anything improves (heater starts working) before bringing the car in for either a good heater core flushing, or heater core changout.

My question is, has anyone heard of this product? If so, is there any information that this product could be detrimental to the cooling system?

Thanks in advance,


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Not for me, thank you. No unknown chemistry for my engine!

I would be opening up the heater hose plumbing and using water pressure in both directions first. Several times. See what comes out.


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Similar to what Jim D and Adallak noted - keep it outa the engine!

I'd read the ingrediants first. It might be an sulfamic or citric acid-based product to breakdown scale and a detergent to keep particles in suspension. Probably not good for paint and skin in any case.

But if you really want to try it... :rolleyes:

A. Disconnect the heater, flush with water both directions.

B. mix up a concentrated batch of the 10-minute flush, pour in the heater, let sit for a few minutes, rinse out and note if anything came out with it.

If some cruddy material came out, then repeat until very little mateial comes out anymore.

C. Rinse twice with water and consider a hydrostatic pressure test to ensure the core has not been eaten through. Keep mind that this heat exchanger has to run at 15# or so with near boiling water just a few inches from your feet... :o

D. If OK, re-connect and hope for the best

Even if it works, its a lota work for a $40 part...

Good Luck :)

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FWIW, Those of you who are old enough to remember, years ago Zerex (coolant) had an anti freeze that they touted would seal radiator leaks. Back in those days the came in metal one gallon cans, as did oil (plastic wasn't invented yet :lol: ). Any way, in their commercial they poked an awl through the can and as expected coolant started peeing out but soon sealed itself. I tried this stuff and while I had no leaks for it to seal, it plugged up my heater core til the engine reached normal operating tempurature, then I would all of a sudden get a blast of heat and all would be fine til the next cold start. Well I wasn't standing for this so I bought some type of cooling system cleaner that was strong enough to need a neutralizer (can't recall the name). Put the stuff in at work, drove home, drained the system and filled with water and neutralizer, took it for a ride, drained and refilled with Prestone and all was well.

The reason for this long winded fractured fairy tale is to say that the stuff (I used) did work. Keep in mind this was long ago with a cast iron engine. I don't know if that makes much difference or not. Personally I would first try the garden hose. If that fails, then the chemical flush but I would not leave it in for more than a good long one hour trip maybe.

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Forget any 10 minute flush....

The heater hoses on your Brougham are the quick disconnect type. Very easy to dosconnect one hose from the heater core and the other from the engine. Adapt a garden hose to the heater core and backflush the core. I'll bet you will be able to remove a bunch of junk from your heater core.

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