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WD-40 on engine hoses?


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I had someone tell me once to spray the engine - mainly black parts like cables/hoses - with WD-40 to give it that shiney new look, protect it, and to repel dirt. I did it once on an old toyota that I sold to make it look better...seemed fine.

I haven't done it on the SLS. Is that legit to do? Is it something that just ticks mechanics off? Thoughts??

Happy New Year!

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Spraying WD40 on engine parts to make them shiny is a foolish move.

This is a used car-lot trick to fool the uninformed buyer into thinking they are getting a good car, i.e. the engine bay looks shiny and new. It doesn't last and the oily coating will attract dirt and dust to stick to it.

As a bonus getting this on your serpentine and water pump belt will cause the pulleys to slip. This will cause a loss of electrical power when the alternator cannot spin up properly and overheating when the water pump starts slipping.

Clean the engine and engine bay throughly with soap and water. Then apply Armor All or Maguires Plastic dressing. Use care to avoid getting any of these products near the belts.


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I wouldn't advise ANY type of dressing under the hood. I used to use Armor All/Forumla 2001, but got over that pretty quickly. It leaves a greasy residue and attracts dust. In addition, it's got petroleum distillates...which we all know degrade rubber. Just keep it clean with soap and water and it'll be great long into the future.

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How about using silicon spray instead of

WD 40? I use silicon on just about anything

that's rubber, including tires, window/door

seals, wires, and hoses. It doesn't leave a

sticky film that'll attract dirt like WD 40 does.

I would be inclined to stay away from silicone. I recall Bbobynski once say that silicone is instant death to an O2 sensor. I have no idea how sensative they are but I think I'd keep that stuff out from under the hood in all but the smallest of quantities.

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What I like to use is furniture polish, the cheapest stuff in a yellow can I can get. It does not have the oily finish of Armor All or WD-40, and the best is that it does not attract dirt or dust. Has not seemed to eat any hoses through in two years of doing it so I think it's safe. Anything like Pledge furniture polish is great on engine compartment or dashs, anything plastic or vinyl. I use it everywhere and it's good and cheap. Can not find good and cheap in the same place at the same time anymore ;) .


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