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  1. the 05 srx is back on the road, and flagship one delivered on their warranty. i still don't feel comfortable with the ECM failing within 1 1/2 years. does gm continue mounting ecms on the engine? the heat may be culpable.
  2. so i returned the ECM back to flaghsip one. they say it's dead. still waiting two weeks for a new one. their service seems a bit flaky. they say out of courtesy they'll re[lace the unit, but the lifetime warranty is over. their unit only lasted 1 1/2 years. https://www.ripoffreport.com/reports/relevant/flagship-one
  3. i think it's OK so far since cleaning up the grounds on the fender and ECU. it's been rainy and humid for months. everyone with an SRX should check the ground on the right front fender. they didn't even scrape off the paint, it seems. thanks for being here. Everyone says dump this caddy, it's all problems. but it runs well and i like it..
  4. it happened again. turn the key, no turnover. so i cleaned the ground to the ECM and the body ground. fiddled and now it's running again. it's a replacement ECM from flagship One. lifetime warranty. It just doesn't seem probable that an ECM would fail intermittently. i can send it in for testing. we'll see if the clean grounds resolve this. otherwise i'm dumping this vehicle..
  5. it's not the battery. the same issue occurred with the old battery and the new one. it could be the starter relay. i'll start there, and check the grounds. i also got the dreaded U0100 - lost communications to ECM", and p0700 - tranny PCM lost communications. i'm starting to wonder if these vehicles are designed to be disposed of after 13 or so years, considering all of the electronics. it's hard to believe they mounted the ECM right onto the engine.
  6. it's an 05 SRX v6 3.6. intermitantly when i turn the key to start the engine nothing happens. all i hear is a slight click by the gear shifter. sometimes, if i disconnect the battery, and hear a faint high frequency tone when reconnected, is an indication that it will start. can someone tell me which relays are involved in starting this vehicle? thanks.
  7. that was not a fun job. quite nerve wracking experience. three out of four attempts to make an acceptable flare failed. flaring with those $30 kits requires patients and skill. and sealing all the leaks! i tied the new copper-nickel lines to remains of the old ones with stainless steel ties.
  8. scotty still around! i'm going to leave the blocks alone, as attempting to pull one line from the block of three would destroy the other lines. so i will tie the new line to the old ones. the nuts on the ABS control module are not turning. and the 9/16 wrench is a bit loose. they seem to be a different type of fitting. there's a chance of cutting the tube close to the flare nut and use a socket with a long extension. but my gut tells me not to mess with it, rather cut the tube a foot away, and couple to the tube going to the wheel with double flare coupler.
  9. Hi, it's a 2005 SRX. the brake lines are corroding at all of those plastic retainer blocks. one just let loose and leaks. it appears there may be some kind of chemical reaction between those retainers and lines. does anyone know how to remove the brake lines from those blocks. are they just pressed in? how serious of a job is it to replace these lines. it looks like a bear. thanks
  10. this is the best part, when I come back and tell everyone it runs! the flagship 1 ECM works. the theft deterrent system required that re-learn. and I didn't have to go to the stealer. thank you OldCadTech
  11. installed the new ECM, but it won't turn over. Now getting message "starting disabled, remove key". the key does remove now and no longer getting u0 001 code. looks like this job will require a tech II/dealer.
  12. i'm trying to figure out whether the ECM can be replaced without requiring a tech II and all the learn procedures.. the service manual says the theft deterrent system requires a learn procedure after replacing the PCM. some BS about a "fuel continue password". then there's the "crankshaft position sensor system variation learn". can I just get this pre-programmed unit and it'll all just work or should I tow to dealer? thanks. http://www.fs1inc.com/oem-engine-computer-programmed-plug-play-2005-cadillac-srx-12581144-3-6l-ecu-ecm-pcm.html
  13. there's apparently also a top dead center sensor on the cam shaft. so i guess i don't have to be concerned about that. so the security system must recognize the keys (1 and 2) and not the ECM. .i don't see any pelets on these keys. the identifier must be in the key or fob.
  14. Is there a trick to telling the ECM where top dead center is? There's some chatter about programming the keys?