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Parking Assist back to 'on'?


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First, are you getting any diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs)? That might help direct the discussion.

Here is a tech bulletin with related info:

Park Assist System - Inoperative/Lamp ON/DTC's Set


Bulletin No.: 08-08-127-001B

Date: June 10, 2010

Subject: Park Assist System Inoperative, Service Park Assist Message Displayed on Driver Information Center (DIC), DTC B1E3A and/or B0954, B0955, B0956, B0957, B0958, B0959, B0960, B0961 Set (Replace Appropriate Object Sensor or Repair Harness)

2006-2008 Buick Lucerne
2008-2009 Buick Enclave
2006-2008 Cadillac DTS
2007-2009 Cadillac Escalade, SRX
2008-2010 Cadillac CTS
2007-2009 Chevrolet Avalanche, Silverado, Suburban, Tahoe
2009 Chevrolet Traverse
2007-2009 GMC Acadia, Sierra, Yukon, Yukon XL
2007-2009 Saturn OUTLOOK
Equipped with Parking Assist (RPO UD7 or UFR) Supercede:
This bulletin is being revised to clarify the text in the Condition, Cause and Correction sections and update the Warranty Information. Please discard Corporate Bulletin Number 08-08-127-001A (Section 08 - Body and Accessories).


- Some customers may comment on a Service Park Assist message being displayed on the driver information center (DIC). - The technician may observe with a scan tool DTC B1E3A and/or B0954, B0955, B0956, B0957, B0958, B0959, B0960, B0961 set as Current or in History.


- This condition may be caused by a malfunctioning object sensor or a circuit fault on the 8 volt reference circuit. Note
The 8 volt reference circuit serves all of the object sensors in parallel. A fault anywhere on the circuit or in any single sensor will affect all of the sensors. - When a single sensor malfunctions, the shared 8 volt reference circuit may be compromised, resulting in a DTC for each sensor.


DO NOT replace all of the object sensors and/or the object alarm module.

If normal diagnosis does not reveal any concerns with the park assist system, perform the following diagnostic procedure:

1. Turn OFF the ignition. Note
Depending on the model year of the vehicle the park assist system sensors are referred to as: object sensor or object alarm sensor. 2. Disconnect the harness connector at each of the object sensors. For the locations of the object sensors, refer to Master Electrical Component List in SI. 3. Turn ON the ignition, with the engine OFF. Important
With all of the object sensor harness connectors disconnected, multiple sensor DTCs will set and will not clear. Ignore these DTCs for now. 4. Clear any DTCs that may be present. 5. Verify that DTC B1E3A does not reset as Current. Important
Ensure each leg of the circuit is tested since the 8 volt reference circuit feeds all the sensors in parallel. ¤ If DTC B1E3A does set, test the 8 volt reference circuit for a short to voltage, short to ground or an open/high resistance. Repair the circuit as necessary. Depending on the model year of the vehicle, refer to Body > Wiring Systems > Diagnostic Information and Procedures > Wiring Repairs OR Power and Signal Distribution > Wiring Systems and Power Management > Diagnostic Information and Procedures > Wiring Repairs in SI. ¤ If DTC B1E3A does not set proceed to Step 6. 6. Install each object sensor harness connector one at a time, checking for DTCs immediately after each sensor is connected. Verify DTC B1E3A does not set as Current. ¤ If DTC B1E3A does set, replace the object sensor that was connected immediately before the DTC set. 7. Perform the diagnostic repair verification after completing the diagnostic procedure. Refer to Diagnostic Repair Verification in SI.

Parts Information



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The park assist system can be disabled through the DIC (customization options). Make sure that this hasn't happened inadvertently, or when it was being driven by someone else.

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Basically I'm looking at the display, "parking assist on /off". The check mark is stuck on 'off''. I'm not able to move it to on. Would disconnecting the battery for 30 minutes work?

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A copy of the 2008 DTS personalization guide is here: http://www.vadengmpp.com/owners-manual/cadillac/2008-Cadillac-DTS-getknow.pdf but it simply says check and ensure sensors are clear.

The manual with info on the DIC control is here: https://my.cadillac.com/content/dam/gmownercenter/gmna/dynamic/manuals/2008/cadillac/dts/2008_cadillac_dts_owners.pdf

If your vehicle has the Ultrasonic Front and Rear Parking Assist (UFRPA) system, this display allows the system to be turned on or off. Once in this display, press the set/reset button to select between ON or OFF. If you choose ON, the system will be turned on. If you choose OFF, the system will be turned off. The UFRPA system automatically turns back on after each vehicle start. When the UFRPA system is turned off and the vehicle is shifted out of PARK (P), the DIC will display the PARKING ASSIST OFF message as a reminder that the system has been turned off. See DIC Warnings and Messages on page 3-73 and Ultrasonic Front and Rear Parking Assist (UFRPA) on page 2-44 for more information.
Page 2-44 says:
When the System Does Not Seem to
Work Properly
• The driver disables the system.
• The parking brake pedal is depressed.
• The ultrasonic sensors are not kept clean. So be sure to keep your vehicle’s front and rear bumpers free of mud, dirt, snow, ice and slush. For cleaning instructions, see Washing Your Vehicle on page 5-90
• A trailer was attached to your vehicle, or a bicycle or an object was hanging out of your trunk during your last drive cycle, the red light may illuminate in the rear display. Once the attached object is removed, UFRPA will return to normal operation.
• A tow bar is attached to your vehicle.
• The vehicle’s bumper is damaged. Take the vehicle to your dealer/retailer to repair the system.
• Other conditions may affect system performance, such as vibrations from a jackhammer or the compression of air brakes on a very large truck. If the system is still disabled after driving forward at least 15 mph (25 km/h), take your vehicle to your dealer/retailer


2023 Cadillac CT4-V Blackwing

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I get the same problem, my car was in an accident and so I had to replace both front and rear sensors and wiring. I get the message: service parking assist. And the position is stuck on "off" and when I try to switch it over to on position it just jumps right back over to off. Where should I even start. Could one of the sensors be bad? If so how do I check? I put my ear to it when in reverse and couldnt hear anything front any of them, front or rear. 

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On my 2007 SRX the display shows Park Assist ON- OFF but neither has a check mark.  The system has not worked since I bought the car, but the fuse which is for this and also memory seats is good.  Where do I start?

Thanks for any help, in advance.

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